Immune system herbs

As we know, the immune system is one of the most important systems in our bodies. It fights off all of the nasty pathogens that could protect us, keeping us from contracting a myriad of different diseases and ailments. The strong immune system is something that many people strive to keep in our lives, as we cannot afford to be sick for more than a couple of days, something that happens often in people with weak immunities. We all want to be healthier and that is enough reason for many to try to fortify themselves the best way that they can. For most, this can mean visiting the grocery store to pick up some vitamins to give their cells some support. For others, this means taking immune system herbs which have long been known for making the immune system more efficient. Below are a few of the most effective and popular immune system herbs:

Shitake Mushrooms
Shitake mushrooms have long been known to be very tasty. Other than that, they actually work well for the immune system, and have long been a go-to for herbal enthusiasts. With the active compound lentinan, these mushrooms can dramatically power up the immune system, making it a more efficient killer of many antigens that may try to infect the body. What makes shitake mushrooms more appealing is the fact that they are readily available for the people who are actively building a better immunity. It’s something to think about when a person’s enjoying that delicious meal. Not only are they filling their stomach, they are also providing backup for the cells that have an uphill battle to fight.

Old Man’s Beard
Another popular immune system herb would happen to be a lichen, a fungus and algae grown together. This particular variety, known as Usnea, or Old Man’s Beard, is known as another alternative to conventional means of immune system fortification. It’s called Old Man’s Beard because of the way that the lichen looks, as it grows in little hairy tufts. Particularly, this herbal solution is used in acute situations, but it also has the distinct property of providing a long term solution to a person’s immunity deficiencies. Also, since this is easily accessible, they are used in many different countries around the world.

Of all of the immune system herbs that are available, echinacea is probably one of the most widely known of the bunch. It has long been a remedy for Native Americans, dating back some 400 years. Then, the “purple cornflower” was widely used for many different ailments. Today, it’s mainly used in the fight for a stronger immune system, especially considering the way that it works. In a sense, it works similar to the way that the other herbs do, by actually fortifying the body instead of just killing off the pathogens, something that antibiotics do. Furthermore, the echinacea produces good activity in the cells that are responsible for staving off most of the infections that may attack our bodies.

For those looking for adequate means to boost their immunity, these herbs are some of the best that are on the market. However, it is noteworthy to state that there are a plethora of products on the market that do not produce favorable results. When it comes to the herbal treatment niche, there’s a fair amount of imitators who tout some big claims, but cannot necessarily back them up. It’s important for people who want to strengthen their immunity to do sufficient research into the product, as there can be health ramifications without consulting a physician.

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