HPV treatment for men

HPV is not always a condition that requires treatment. It is actually fairly common that people have HPV and do not realize it because there are no noticeable signs or symptoms for the condition and for most of these people the warts will go away eventually. Sadly, if the genital warts do not go away naturally then there are not really many treatment options as there are no medical treatment methods for HPV that have been proven to work effectively.

There is a vaccine available that you could use in order to minimize the risk of developing the genital warts. If you would like to get this vaccine then you should discuss it with your doctor to make sure it is a good option for you.

Also, if you are diagnosed with HPV then you will want to get it treated. Even though there are no solid methods to get rid of HPV there are still a few options to help treat it. HPV treatment for men is different then it is for women though, so lets look at the HPV treatment methods for men.

HPV Treatment Methods for Men

If you have a less severe form of the HPV virus then you probably will not have to go to your doctor to get suggested the best treatment method. Usually you can treat the condition at home and the warts will go away.

However, if you have a high risk form of the HPV virus which can lead to genital or anal cancer then you will want to speak with your doctor for a more reliable treatment method. Usually the best HPV treatment for men with a severe form of the HPV virus depends solely on how developed the condition is at the time it gets treated.

HPV Treatment Methods for Men at Home
Since you do not need to go about serious treatment methods for a less severe case of the HPV virus you should know what type of home remedies are available for the condition. To fully treat the condition (whether it is anal or genital warts) you should expect the process to take about eight months. It is also important to know that even if it goes away within a few months it could come back.

You should get recommendations of the best HPV treatment for men to be used at home. He or she will be able to point you in the right direction and it will save from the hassle of going about any severe treatment methods that could be very stressful and painful.

Treatment Methods for Severe Cases of the HPV Virus

If you have a more severe case of the HPV virus then your treatment options are limited to a few that you probably would not want to use but are absolutely necessary. The first option would be a chemical treatment which is known as cryotherapy. This option can cause a lot of pain which could lead to scars, and is rather embarrassing as well. This treatment method is done by applying podophyllin and trichloroacetic acid to the genital or anal warts. There will be multiple occasions whether the chemicals must be applied.

The other option you have as a HPV treatment for men when the condition is severe is imiquimod cream, which is also known as Aldara. While this is still a fairly new product it has shown positive results at fending off the HPV virus when anal and genital warts start to develop.

When treating the HPV virus you also have to be careful of a few other things that could affect how effective the HPV treatment methods are. You will want to avoid smoking, not consuming enough vitamin A, and you have to make sure you do not get any sexually transmitted infections during the treatment process. Follow the proper precautions and the condition should be treated easily enough but also remember that it will take quite a while to be completely healed.

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  1. james says:

    I’d like to share my experience of self-treating with artemisinin supplements after an outbreak of HPV.

    Artemisinin is an extract from the Chinese plant Artemisia annua, more commonly know as sweet wormwood. It is traditionally drunk as tea, but for decades, artemisinin derivatives have been successfully used to treat human patients for malaria, so we already have years of widespread human use and we know it’s safe. Artemisinin supplements can be bought easily and cheaply from healthcare shops or over the internet.

    Abnormal cells, such as dysplasic, pre-cancerous or cancerous cells, have a much higher-than-normal iron content as compared to normal cells. When artemisinin comes into contact with cells with a high iron concentration, it induces apoptosis, or cell death. This mechanism is currently being researched at the University of Washington:


    Whilst destroying cancerous cells, it also leaves normal cells undamaged even at high concentrations.

    Having researched all this, I wondered if arteminsin supplements might have an effect on HPV too – after all, abnormal or dysplasic cells which, whilst no necessarily pre-cancerous, might be affected in a similar way. It seems there is also research underway now into this very subject – here’s one link:


    I can confirm that my own experience of using these supplements, both orally and topically, has seen my unpleasant HPV symptoms disappear. This could of course have been due to happen anyway. But what convinced me was having a wart which, after just 2 days of topical application of the powder, dried up and fell off.

    I am now convinced that direct application of artemisinin powder to HPV-infected skin results in the rapid death of the abnormal cells. My personal experience seems to be backed up by the early findings of various pieces of research available online.

    Artemisinin is not an antiviral – it is only shown to induce apoptosis in abnormal cells, i.e. it won’t cure your HPV, but it might well help with the symptoms.

    Google “HPV” and “arteminsinin”, read a few articles and make your own mind up. But when there are so many expensive treatments about, how can you go wrong with a natural, easily-available herbal extract?

    I now take these supplements daily for a few days, then break for a couple of days as resistance builds quickly. This ensures they stay effective. Take them on an empty stomach, along with a fish oil capsule or some milk. Artemisinin is fat-soluble but not water-soluble, so this will improve absorption.

    Good luck everyone, and spread the word! 🙂

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