How to lose thigh fat

Just exactly how to lose thigh fat is an enduring problem for women everywhere. Often, in their quest for the perfect body, women find that pesky fat seems to hang on in some unsightly places. These places include the stomach and buttocks, the backs of the arms and – sometimes most depressingly of all – the thighs. Women want to know how to lose thigh fat because thigh fat can be extremely unsightly and ruin an otherwise perfectly good “look.” This is because the thighs are, of course, attached to the legs, and the legs are one of the traditional parts of the body that determine sexiness. Women who are wondering how to lose thigh fat generally want to look their best in a short skirt, short shorts or a tiny bikini, and feel that excess thigh fat is keeping them from their beauty goals.

Thigh fat is an all encompassing term used to talk about the persistent, pesky fat that hangs around the front of the upper leg, the back of the upper leg, and the lower buttocks. Because of this, there is no way that a woman wondering how to lose thigh fat can specifically exercise the thigh area. Instead, she has to exercise the legs and buttocks for maximal thigh fat loss. This is also one major reason that thigh fat is so persistent. If thigh fat were the same as, say, arm fat, then women could simply do exercises to fix that pesky problem area. But since thigh fat is a combination of fat from three areas of the body, it can be trickier and more difficult to lose.

Some women also worry that, if they exercise their legs too much, instead of creating the slim and shapely streamlined leg look they long for, they will build massive body builder tree trunks for legs. Fortunately, this should be a non-worry for most women. Body builders get their massive shape from testosterone. Luckily for women who simply want to look sexy in a sundress, their bodies do not produce enough testosterone to cause them to end up with massive pillars for legs. No, women’s bodies are generally softer and curvier than men’s bodies – it’s one of the things that makes women most attractive to men, but also one of the things that make women have to struggle to keep a tight, slim figure!

The best step when you are wondering how to lose thigh fat is to exercise religiously. First, be sure you are doing your cardio exercises. While it is true that the majority of cardio exercises do not specifically target the thighs, they are very important for other reasons. For one, cardio workouts get the heart pumping and the blood moving. Most importantly of all for women wondering how to lose thigh fat, cardio exercises get the fat burning! For optimal results, do 30 to 45 minutes of cardio training at least three to five times per week. Ask a personal trainer to help you perform at 75 to 85 percent of your max heart rate for optimal cardio results.

Next, when it comes to thigh fat, there are some simple exercises that you can do, and the mother of all of these thigh exercises is the walking lunge. To perform the walking lunge, first start by standing with your feet side by side, holding a dumbbell in each hand. (Don’t choose too much weight in the dumbbells.) Then, move one foot forward as if taking a step, except smoothly bend that knee until your opposite knee is almost touching the ground. Think of the lunge as similar to a greatly exaggerated walk. Repeat this 15 times for three sets at least 3 times per week are you are on your way to exceedingly healthy, beautiful and fat free thighs.

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