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The first time around, being pregnant can be both exciting and stressful. Many people get nervous about the whole process and begin to worry that there could be some complications. To get the negative thoughts out of your head, you would need to know that the fetus is healthy. A great way to do this would be to use a home fetal monitor for the months prior to birth.

There are many different ways to check the health of the fetus. If you go to your doctor he or she will have more effective tools to do so. However, you can still purchase a home fetal monitor so you can check the fetus’s health at home. This can be a huge stress relief, especially so for the few weeks before going into labor.

Using a Fetal Monitor
You will be required to visit your doctor regularly and he will be checking the status of the fetus. This may not always be enough though as these visits are stretched out over weeks, or even months. If you ever suspect possible complications during pregnancy it would be beneficial to have a fetal monitor on hand. This will eliminate the need to rush to the hospital or visit your doctor if there is really nothing wrong.

It is very important to monitor the fetus regularly as it could prevent possible serious issues both during pregnancy and after birth. For instance, a fetal monitor could notice birth defects or medical conditions that a baby is suffering from. If you can identify any issues ahead of time it can give you a major advantage when it comes time to treat them.

The fetal monitor can also spot various pregnancy problems such as umbilical cord strangulation which could be life threatening to the baby. If the fetal monitor was to notice such a serious problem with the baby it could save your child’s life.

Buying a Home Fetal Monitor
A fetal monitor is very expensive to buy brand new. Obviously, the product is worth it, but you may want to consider renting one instead. For an advanced technology model that will guarantee the best results you could expect to pay over $500. You can find less expensive fetal monitors but they are somewhat limited and may not pick up on everything. Even with a higher price, the advanced model is much more preferred as it is guaranteed to pick up on most pregnancy issues.

As already mentioned, you may want to consider renting a fetal monitor instead. You could find a high quality monitor for less than $50 per month. This may seem like quite a bit but you do not have to use the device early in the pregnancy. It will only be in the later months that you should be using the fetal monitor. Therefore, you could just spend roughly $200 to use the fetal monitor instead of buying it brand new.

If you want the extra sense of security and plan to have more children then you may be better off just purchasing the fetal monitor instead. If you decide to just purchase a fetal monitor then you will want to look for the best model possible. A good idea would be to take a look online at reviews of certain fetal monitor models or brands. You may also want to consider buying the fetal monitor online as you are offered a wider selection. Regardless of if you choose to purchase or rent a fetal monitor, it is a great investment for anyone in the middle of a pregnancy.

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