High triglycerides treatment

Triglycerides are not necessarily a bad thing, but when you have them in high doses than it become a problem. If you are not sure what triglycerides are, then you are not alone. Although many people recognize the fact that they get a triglyceride reading during most cholesterol level tests, many people don’t know what the word means. Triglycerides are actually one of the ways a body converts food into energy for later use. Although they are technically stored in fat, they can still be viewed as saved energy sources. The problem is when diets are too high in fats and the triglyceride levels become too high. If you take a look at your triglyceride readings, then your goal is to see a number at 150 or below. Anything higher than that is borderline dangerous, especially as you approach numbers of 500 or higher.

Some leading causes of high triglyceride readings are diets high in fat and sugar, low exercise levels, and alcohol abuse. So you can imagine, the best way to style it prevents but he treats a condition in which you have a high triglyceride reading, is to moderate fatty meats and sugars, get plenty of exercise, and consume no more than one drink per day. You don’t have to have a perfect guy’s or be an endurance athletes to keep your triglyceride levels low, but you do have to take some action if you want to stay healthy for the long-term.

High triglyceride levels are usually associated with high bad cholesterol readings and low good cholesterol. LDL, the bad cholesterol, can be treated with diet and exercise as well. This means he can kill two birds with one stone. Smokers are at high-risk for having high cholesterol as well especially if they abuse alcohol.

Some other treatments for high triglycerides are omega-3 fatty acids, which can be obtained in flaxseed, olive oil, and some fish products. The easiest way to get enough omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, is to take a supplement such as a fish oil supplement. If you are completely against taking a fish or a pill, then you might try increasing your consumption of extra virgin olive oil or try sprinkling flaxseed on your food. If you rather just eat fish, and salmon, tuna, and mackerel are the fish with the highest omega-3 content.

Although generally poor diet and lack of exercise are the main causes of this condition, there are some that can predispose you to having high Triglycerides. Diabetes is a condition that can affect triglyceride levels because of the way that causes your blood glucose levels to be out of whack. Hyperthyroidism can also have similar effects on the body and your doctor can help to reverse this via medications.

As with any serious medical condition, the best person to talk to your doctor. Your doctor is capable of an accurate diagnosis in which he or she can find the right medications to help you. You should also check their doctor before beginning any exercise program, to make sure that your body will be able to withstand the rigors of physical activity. If you are cleared for exercise, then make sure you follow your doctor’s advice to the letter so you can take maximum advantage of your treatment and get your triglyceride levels under control. If you don’t, then you risk more serious conditions, such as heart disease. Since triglyceride levels can be lowered with medication, diet, and exercise and there’s no reason that you can’t get them under control. There’s no such thing as too much exercise in eating a healthy diet can help you in more ways than one.

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