High protein diets

Choosing the right diet is a tricky task. Whether you want to lose weight, gain stamina, enhance the level of antioxidants in your body, strengthen your immune system or build muscles, there is a vast amount of options on this field. High protein diets are rich on protein but low on fat and carbohydrate. Hence, it is very popular among bodybuilders and weight watchers. It is a very well liked diet because studies have shown that protein tends to satisfy hunger and cravings more efficiently rather than carbohydrates or fats. An increased intake in the protein level combined with regular exercise can enhance muscle growth and burning fat. The most important fact, that draws the crowd towards this diet, is that it helps to control the appetite in a long term basis along with reducing the calorie consumption.

Researches carried out in several parts of the world have solid proof on how high protein diet works as an excellent way to lose weight without crash dieting. Studies show that by switching to a high protein diet, the body receives at least 500 fewer calories everyday. The best way to make sure the diet works is to combine it with exercise, research shows that by adding either cardio workout or weight training on alternate days, the body burns extra fat very fast. Even though scientist have not come across the exact fact on why high protein diets kill appetites, their biggest hunch is since these diets have very few carbohydrates, they don’t provide the hormones that provokes hunger in the neural system. Thus, by consuming high protein diets, it is possible to maintain a trim figure in the long run since it has a long lasting impact in the body.

When it comes to the matter of how much protein does one need, some important facts must be considered. First of all, protein is a vital component that is needed for all ages because it helps to grow muscles, skin, hair etc. It also works as a great booster of the immune system. An average male should consume 56 grams of protein every day where the woman should take 46 grams. It is not unsafe to consume too much protein except in the case where the consumer has any sort of complication with the kidneys. If one plans to switch to the high protein diet in order to lose weight and gain muscles, it is suggested to take 120 grams of protein a day, spreading out over 6 small meals. Since suddenly injecting your body with a vast amount of protein may make one feel uncomfortable, it is better to gradually introduce protein in the meals over a course of week. Although, consulting a nutritionist before switching diets is well advised.

Although there aren’t many major hazards that can be caused by a high protein diet, renal failure is a possibility. Since the heavy load of protein puts a lot of pressure on the kidney, complications may occur but mostly for the patients with pre existing kidney problems. The worst scenario is if there is any pre existing renal complication, glomerular damage is a high possibility. Although high protein diet may seem like a great way to keep the trimmed fat away, it is not wise to deprive the body of other nutritious food such as whole grains filled with fiber, fruits and vegetables filled with vitamins etc. It is best to carry out the high protein diet on a short term basis and developing a healthy eating habit such as substituting white rice with brown rice, having white meat instead of red, having margarine instead of butter etc. Usually some of the high protein food such as milk, cheese, eggs etc are high in cholesterol thus these can cause some serious damage to the cardio vascular system. Choosing smart protein like lean meat and low fat dairy products can help prevent this intake of cholesterol.

High protein diet has a lot of options for making delicious meals. Chicken breasts are a great source of natural protein. Sautéing it in extra virgin olive oil and serving it with boiled or grilled vegetables and lime, butter, coriander and dill squashed sauce is a mouth watering and easy to cook dinner recipe. Eggs are arguably the greatest source of protein. During breakfast, a heavy omelet can be very satisfying. It is best to use egg whites instead of the yolk to minus the cholesterol. Just add a bit of string beans or asparagus and some shredded cheese before taking it off the frying pan. Tofu is a protein heaven for vegetarians, marinating tofu patties in wasabi sauce, soy sauce and chili and garlic paste then serving it like a hamburger is a hit for a casual lunch. Add some beans, cumin seeds etc to the patty to make it more protein rich.

Since this diet can be high risk for s lot of people, it is best to consult a general physician before making a decision. There is a chance this diet might not work because not every diet can cope with different bodies and give the same result.

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