Herbal acne treatment

Suffering from acne can be frustrating, embarrassing and painful all at the same time. For some people acne will come and go through the puberty years but for others it is a lifelong battle that has never gone away. Some may suffer from the occasional outbreak where others may have acne everyday no matter what they do.

Often people that suffer from acne will be seen by a dermatologist or some other type of physician to get some sort of medical treatment for their acne. Sometimes this may help and sometimes it may not. Treating acne can become a path filled with trials and errors since what works for one person may not always work the same for others.
For years and years herbal remedies have been used to help and heal thousands of different ailments across the world. There are even a few herbal remedies used to treat acne and here we will discuss a few of those all natural cures.

The first herbal treatment used for acne is Neem. Neem is an herb that has been known to offer several wonderful benefits to the skin and ridding the skin of ailments such as acne. The reason for this is Neem kills bacteria that cause the acne. Neem grows in leaves but can be dried and crushed into a powder form which can then be consumed or made into a paste and applied to the skin directly as a mask. Also the herb Basil has been known to have very similar characteristics and results when dealing with acne.

Another natural remedy that has been proven to really help with acne is Apple Cider Vinegar. This does not necessarily classify as an herbal remedy but it is all natural and has had some great results. Apple cider vinegar is another ingredient that has been used for healing multiple ailments and really improving the overall health of the body, so it’s no wonder it was found to help with acne as well. Apple cider vinegar can be used as a facial toner by diluting with water 50/50 and spritzing on face after washing. Yes the smell of the vinegar will fade. It may sound strange but it apple cider vinegar kills unwanted bacteria on the face and helps to heal the skin quickly. Not only can you achieve results topically but mixing about 2 teaspoons with a glass of water daily and drinking it can also give you great skin as well.

Other herbs and all natural ingredient that have been shown to help are aloe vera, tea tree oil and green tea. Aloe vera is not necessarily used for curing acne but it can help heal the wounds that acne can cause as well as adding anti-inflammatory properties to the skin. Tea tree oil can be used in diluted form to help kill the bacteria on the face just like the neem, basil and vinegar solutions. Green tea has been proven to offer several benefits to the overall well being of the body but it can also be used to help with acne. Again, drinking green tea can offer some skin relief, but using a green tea bag on your face or using as a diluted toner may help as well.

Sometimes the best solution to fighting acne can come straight from your kitchen. Whether it be with the herbs found in the cabinet or simply by watching what you are eating you can often solve your acne problems right at home. If you eat a lot of sugary, greasy or fatty foods, your body may be telling you something by surfacing problems through the skin. The best way to have healthy skin is by eating right and properly cleansing your body, both inside and out, of the nasty bacteria that is thriving in your pores.

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