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Try to spend a little time researching and you will see that conventional weight loss thinking is that the safest way of losing weight is to lose approximately two pounds per week. Faster weight loss can be achieved through the use of stimulants, drugs and chemicals. Although extremely effective, these are harsh elements that may be detrimental to your body. Losing fifteen pounds is not worth it if you damage your liver or kidneys in the process. A good weight loss method should have positive results without compromising your health.

As mentioned earlier, there is a way of effectively losing weight without the adverse side effects to your body. This involves the combination of protein-rich diet drinks and minerals that help remove body toxins from your system.

Harmful toxins are absorbed by the body through a variety of means – air pollution, chemical contaminants, contaminated water and poisonous foods. These toxins are stored in our body in fat cells. The harmful toxins are surrounded by water, and stored within the fat cells.

Once these toxins are flushed out, the fat cells are then burned up as a source of energy, and excess water is absorbed and flushed in a similar procedure. This process will then result in rapid weight loss.

These toxins will eventually be flushed from the body and the fat cells will be burned to recycle energy. The released energy will be available for the body’s use. Some of the water will be flushed together with the toxins, and some will be re-incorporated in the body system. This process of releasing toxins and water from the body results in a rapid weight loss. One example is a person who lost eight pounds in five days; twenty-five pounds in thirty days; and a magnificent sixty pounds in one hundred days.

Protein maintenance is also another method of managing your weight. Protein facilitates in burning fat. Having the appropriate daily amount of protein hinders the body from stockpiling fat. Approximately one gram of protein per pound of body weight is required. Protein can be incorporated in our diet thru powdered supplements, which can be mixed into soups or shakes.

The body’s carbohydrate intake should also be monitored. Carbohydrates catalyze the burning of stored fat. Refrain from ingesting bad carbohydrates from potato chips, popcorn, and French fries, though. At the same time, you should also be concerned with the amount of sugar you consume. Sodas and artificial sweeteners are the major sources of refined sugar. Eliminating refined sugar from our diets hastens weight loss. Dietitians and nutritionists suggest a daily caloric intake of about 600 calories per meal.

A 600-calorie meal for both breakfast and dinner would add up to a 1200 daily calorie intake. This diet combined with protein drinks and routine walks would surely help to eliminate up to thirty pounds over the same number of days.

Say that you have finally decided to lose that extra ten pounds. The next step would be to evaluate your preferences; for example, do you enjoy waking up at 6 am every morning to jog, or do you prefer to wrap yourself up in the comforter and hit the snooze button?

Your personal preferences are a determining factor for how you lose weight. An individual who enjoys outdoor activities has a different weight loss program than a person who loves to sit on a couch reading books. Identifying what type of person you are puts you closer to losing those ten pounds.

Next, you need to focus on the exercise that is appropriate for you. Gym activities are the most popular exercise programs, but there are other options. The added effort and cost of going to the gym may not be as attractive to some people. Alternatively, try taking a walk to the grocery or marketplace — that would help you lose a few pounds.

Exercises need not be done as huge efforts. Something simple such as walking and stretching if done on a regular basis could be as effective as going daily to the gym.

With a little creativity, routine exercises can easily be incorporated to your day-to-day activities. For example, if your office building is nearby, you may opt not to drive your car to get to work. Instead, try getting up a little earlier than you normally would and walking to your office. This allows you to enjoy your neighborhood and at the same time it knocks off those extra pounds. In a similar fashion, you may use your office breaks to go to a nearby park for a casual walk. It will take your mind off from work, and it is also great exercise.

There are many activities that you can do when at home, as well. Instead of eating processed canned foods, you may try your hand at cooking. The process of preparation, mixing and running around the kitchen is a good way to burn fat.

Keep your family involved in your exercise routine. Playing outdoors or shooting some hoops in the backyard strengthens the bond of the family, plus it is a great workout. Another thing you and your family can do is to watch aerobics videos. It may not be as much fun as playing outdoors, but it is a good solution to slacking on the sofa while watching television.

You may also set up a gym in your own house. You can place treadmills, boxing gear, or an exercise bicycle in a spare room. This can provide a gym-quality workout space inside your own home.

Your choice of exercise is highly dependent on your lifestyle. Choose one that complements your way of living. Soon these exercises will be part of your daily routine, making you ten pounds lighter.

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