HCG injections for weight loss

There are many different hyped methods to use for weight loss, but not all of them work. A lot of weight loss techniques are really just a ploy to profit the company marketing them, and some may work better for some than others. HCG injections for weight loss have been discussed for a while but there’s not a large amount of information to back up how effective and reliable this treatment method for weight loss really is.

The diet behind using HCG injections is one that many people would consider unhealthy but there is still proof that HCG injections can work. In order to understand how the injections work, you will need to know what exactly HCG is.

The HCG Hormone
HCG stands for, “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin”. This is a hormone which is created in everyone’s body and is created in excessive amounts in pregnant women. The hormone mass produces for pregnant women as it assists with increasing the fat stored in the baby so the baby can develop healthily. If you take a pregnancy test, the test is attempting to find HCG contents in your urine.

What Does The HCG Injection Do?
The amount of HCG needed for HCG injections for weight loss is much smaller than the amount that’s naturally produced for a pregnant woman. When HCG is used, it directs your body to use your abnormal fat as energy. This is the fat that is found in fat cells located far inside your body, where you likely can’t burn fat from naturally with just a healthy diet and regular exercise.

If you take HCG injections for weight loss you will also help your metabolic rate so you will ultimately be able to burn fat quicker than you normally would. Since your metabolism has changed so dramatically it is possible to lose upwards of two pounds every day while taking HCG injections. The HCG injections for weight loss are great because they work as an appetite suppressant yet will keep your body in a healthy condition.

The HCG Diet
This is where most people get skeptical. You are only going to be eating 500 calories of food per day while staying on the HCG diet. This is a tremendous decrease from your normal daily calorie intake but it’s still not considered a starvation diet.

Your body will still have enough energy to use each day as it turns stored fat inside deep fat cells into energy. You may notice hunger pangs or cravings infrequently but for the most part they won’t be a major concern.

Side Effects
As with any type of medical treatment, when using HCG injections for weight loss there will still be some side effects to worry about. However, these side effects will vary by gender but there are still some common side effects between both females and males. Those shared side effects include: HIV from sharing needles, nausea, fatigue, hair loss, acne, and sudden mood swings. Some people have also claimed to notice a rash show up shortly after starting their HCG injection treatment.

Side Effects for Females
You’re more likely to get pregnant while using HCG injections then while you’re not using them. Your ovaries are also capable of creating multiple ovum, even though they normally only create a single ova. Once this happens, it’s more likely to have an ectopic pregnancy or have a multiple birth.

Side Effects for Males
The most common side effects for men who use HCG injections for weight loss would be an enlarged prostate and enlarged outlining of the breasts. These things are likely to occur due to the estrogen levels which occur from HCG being in the body.

It’s also important to make sure that you know how to perform the injection properly. If you make a mistake during the HCG injection it could cause serious problems. You can’t guarantee the injection will be made in the correct area if you do it by yourself, so it’s recommended to get a trained professional to do it if possible. If you end up missing the proper injection area it could cause an abscess to form, which is very painful and can lead to the need to amputate if not treated immediately.

Make sure you become informed about how exactly HCG injections for weight loss (and the diet) works and if it’s really right for you before you use it. This may be the answer to being overweight or obese but it’s not for everyone.

As well, even though many people have claimed to have successful results from this treatment, it’s important to understand that there’s not much evidence to back up that it really works and doesn’t have any possible long term side effects.

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13 Responses for “HCG injections for weight loss”

  1. Jamie says:

    For 5 weeks at a time (I take every other 5 weeks off), I inject HCG 6 days a week and I have lost 4 inches in my waist and just over 25 lb–in less than 4 months. I also get a B12 shot weekly. I know it works, I haven’t been a size 6 in 15 years!

    • Brenda Geurin says:

      Hi Jamie,
      Tell me, please, why do you do 5 weeks on and 5 weeks off? Also, why give injections for only 6 days per week? I have lost 30 pounds using HCG and was considering doing another round. I have done 2 rounds of 40 injections each.

      Did someone tell you to do the 5 on and 5 off? Any idea how long the shots last in the fridge? 60 days?



  2. karen says:

    i’ve been searching for people who have actually tried hcg and you’re the first. i’m hoping to get some results after trying to lose weight for years. i’ve even tried metformin and never lost a pound.
    thanks for posting

  3. Angela says:

    I use homeopathic HCG and it works like a charm. Those who like the Rx injections don’t trust the homeopathic but I know of many who have used Hcg in all forms and all of them lose weight. What I have found is the 1-2 pounds per day is a male thing. Women may lose quickly at first but in general can expect 1/2 pound each day. This can be frustrating for those who were expecting one pound each day. However, 1/2 pound a day is fabulous. I lost 25 pounds in my 30 day cycle. I have just begun R2. I was researching more about the diet and saw someone saying they wanted someone to hear from someone who actually tried it. So there you go. If anyone else stumbles across this post. If you are curious to hear results from real people just search out one of the many hcg message boards and you’ll find many satisfied customers.

    • Becky says:

      I am wanting to do the injections and found a place to buy them. Do I consult with a Doctor first or is there a standard amount i give myself…Help

  4. yanka says:

    Hi there,I don’t want to go for the injections but want to try the homeopathic hcg. What product are you using and where is it for sale? Are you on the 500cal intake per day? Cheers Yanka

  5. Marie says:

    HCG detox is sold directly from Mediral if you are in the healthcare business, or you can buy Mediral (trusted source, FDA checked) from evitaminmarket.com, you want to make sure you get HCG detox, not weight loss, the 500 cal isn’t too bad, follow the food choices provided by the diet online and don’t cheat, if you even watch the oils you put on your body, better results, buy lotions, soaps, shampoos with no oil and wash dishes and housecleaning with gloves….stay away from oil!

  6. Tony says:

    I guess if the injections can make a real difference to those who have real problems losing weight then great. I have had a lot of success by increasing meal frequency but reducing potion size, this stops me snacking between meals.

  7. Lynn says:

    Question? Would a plan b not work while using hcg? Or even be less affective?

  8. Andrew says:

    HCG is killing it in the industry right now. Food is and will be the raw material for weight loss in any instance being obesity or cosmetic, always taking care of our food mark the difference in the long term. Greetings!

  9. Kay says:

    I live in Canada and I would love to get the HCG injections! I’m not really sure where would be a credible place to buy it tho??? I’ve heard of it costing around 60-80 dollars for the one month supply….. Help!

    • Wendy says:

      Hi Kay, Did you fine out where in Canada you can get the HCG injection, i would like to try it. Wendy

  10. joe says:

    What if you are one of those people whom are very rushed in the mornings and keep forgetting to do the hcg injection? Can you do them in the evening instead ?

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