Halloween contact lenses

Have you ever bought a new Halloween costume only to notice the effect is not quite what you want to portray at Halloween? Maybe all you need to do is change your eyes for example if you are wearing a scary costume. Now you have ways to change the appearance of your eyes to make them look creepy or scary. Halloween contact lenses can put the perfect finish to your costume. If you have never heard of Halloween contact lenses before, they are special colored lenses have been traditionally used by those in the film industry to create a different effects in the appearance of the human eye. These lenses are also called “special effects contact lenses.” Some Halloween contact lenses can also correct vision but those who wear them may experience some blurring because of the color or design. Usually Halloween contact lenses are used to give a creepy appearance and can make one look demonic. You can also get an animal look to the eyes with these kinds of contact lenses.

It is important to know that these kinds of contact lenses can pose a health risk to the wearer because of irritation and the possibility of infection. Hard Halloween contact lenses are not meant to be worn for long periods of time because they can make your eye become too dry. People who already have a dry eye condition should not wear these lenses. You can also get soft contact lenses custom fit for your eyes instead. They are very comfortable, but are they are also the most expensive ones on the market. When wearing any type of contact lenses you must put them on correctly. You can damage your eyes or the lenses if not worn correctly. These kinds of contact lenses are not for everyday use.

Before getting Halloween contact lenses you will need to go to your eye doctor to get the proper fit and a prescription for them. The law requires that a licensed eye doctor prescribe them and it is illegal to buy them online as well without a prescription, so you should avoid sites that sell them without asking for a prescription. You should not sleep while wearing Halloween contact lenses. Also, do not go swimming or bath with them in your eyes. Your lenses should be cleaned and disinfected before and after each use. If you notice any pain or redness when wearing them you should discontinue use and see your eye doctor as your eye could be infected.

You can find a wide variety of these types of contact lenses now. If your costume is a vampire costume for instance, why not get blood shot eye contact lenses to complete it? You can change your eyes to yellow, red or green. Some other designs to look for are spirals, cat eyes, eagle eyes, jack-o-lanterns, spinning wheels, etc. Whatever color or design you want you can get nowadays, even the ones that make your eyes look completely white or black. These are the ones that cover the entire sclera or whites of the eye. The price for Halloween contact lenses can vary, depending on your choice. Normally, you can get a simple pair for about $100. If you need to have the ones that can correct your vision expect to pay around $400 for them.

Halloween contacts should not be worn continuously for long periods of time since prolonged use can cause eye strain and infection. And they should be clean and disinfected carefully before and after each use, according to your doctor’s instruction. If after using Halloween contact lenses, you notice redness, swelling, or feel any sort of pain in the eye you should immediately remove them and see your doctor to be cleared of any developing eye infection.

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