There are eight different essential sugars that help the body to function smoothly. These natural sugars are called glyconutrients and they include glucose, fucos, glactose, mannose, xylose, N-acetylneurominic acid, N-acetyglactosamine and N-acetyglucosamine. These are all a special class of carbohydrates derived from plants that the body uses to creat glycoproteins. These glycoproteins help to maintain the efficiency of cell-to-cell communication.

The word glyconutrients basically refers to the above mentioned eight essential sugars and every single human being needs them to maintain optimal health. The word “glycol” is the Greek work for sweet. The word “nutrients” refer to nourishing foods. However, these eight essential sugars, or sweet nourishing foods are not actually sweet tasting. Some have a bitter taste and some have no taste at all. They are not like sucrose which is table sugar. There are actually over 200 known sugars that come from natural plants, but only eight of them have been identified as being essential sugars and needed for good health. These essential sugars have been labeled with the scientific term of “saccharides.”

Glyconutrients were first written about in a medical textbook published in the United States called Harpers Biochemistry in 1996 so these essential sugars have not been known about for very long. Only two of the eight essential glyconutrients are readily available in today’s modern diet. These essential sugars that are plentiful and readily available in today’s diet are glucose in galactose. Both of these essential sugars are found in milk products. The other six essential sugars are found in raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and certain types of algae.

Since more and more people in the modern world are eating out or eating packaged foods rather than eating home-cooked from scratch meals, they are getting less fruits and vegetables daily basis than our ancestors did. Health authorities are now recommending that we should all be eating 12 servings a day of fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain good health. People nowadays are simply not getting the daily level of vitamins and nutrients that they should be getting in their dietes unless they take Glyconutrients and vitamins supplemental form. More and more people these days are deficient in Glyconutrients. This is also because of the preservatives that we are now using in food and because crops are grown in soils that are depleted of minerals. Modern-day food packaging and processing also affects the availability of these eight essential sugars.

Taking glyconutrients in supplement form can help maintain overall health and well-being. Glyconutrients taken in supplement form can help relieve a long list of health issues. Some of these include such things as high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, high cholesterol, insomnia and fatigue. They help the body to lower LDL cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels in the blood. They can also raise HDL cholesterol levels. This is all good news for people who suffer from heart problems and who need to get their cholesterol levels back in balance. Glyconutrients are also needed to help the body to retain bone density and muscle mass.

The body’s immune system is powerfully affected in a positive manner by glyconutrients. People who are undergoing chemotherapy experience fewer side effects when they are taking supplements containing Glyconutrients. People who have undergone surgery will also heal quicker if they take supplements containing these eight essential sugars.

When the body is deficient in essential sugars there will be a breakdown of communication between the cells in the result is can be a deterioration of health resulting in disease. People who supplement with these essential nutrients can help the body to quickly repair and heal itself better as well and can get a boost in energy levels and feelings of overall increased vitality.

Glyconutrients have no side effects and everyone would benefit from taking these supplements. Some experts in the health food industry now agree that taking glyconutrients may be the missing link in better nutrition and can help you maintain optimal health and weight.

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