Ginger health benefits

For thousands of years people have regarded ginger as a respected and effective medicinal ingredient, but do you know the ginger health benefits? The most medicinally valuable part of ginger is the part that people frequently call the root. It is actually a stem of the plant that happens to grow underground. This stem can be credited for many ginger health benefits.

Fresh ginger is the best for you, and easy to come by in most grocery stores and markets. Ginger is perhaps best known for its benefits to the digestive process. It helps to break down fats and proteins to facilitate and accelerate digestion. It relieves gas and nausea as well, so for those suffering from morning sickness or motion sensitivity, ginger is a wonderful curing agent.

Ginger also reduces inflammation. This means that it is an effective treatment for diseases like arthritis and colitis. As a warming herb, ginger is also a weapon to fight off fevers. It is an excellent stimulant for blood circulation, which makes it useful for muscle relaxation and the prevention of blood clot formation. Since it has warming properties, ginger can be used as a decongestant or antihistamine. It is a multi-purpose treatment for cold symptoms!

Ongoing studies continue to investigate the healing potential of this fantastic herb. Research suggests that ginger may lower cholesterol levels by reducing absorption of LDL cholesterol. In various animal trials ginger has been shown to slow cancer growth.

Ginger contains anywhere from 1 to 4 volatile oils, active components that account for both its pungent flavor as well as all ginger health benefits. The most pungent of these constituents are called gingerols and shagaols. They are credited with ginger’s anti-nausea effects, by inhibiting spasms in the intestines. All of these oils produce more digestive enzymes in the body. These in turn neutralize acid and aid in digestion so that the digestive process runs smoothly without side effects like cramps, nausea and diarrhea.

Ginger also contains something called zingibain. This is a specific enzyme with a superior ability to break down proteins. Research shows that proteolytic enzymes like zingibain have anti-inflammatory capabilities. Zingibain is also antibacterial, so it fights off cold and flu bugs. Ginger also contains about a dozen antioxidants which work to neutralize substances in the body that cause inflammation and disease.

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms that ginger targets, crush some raw ginger “root” and mix it into a cup of tea. Add honey to sweeten it if you like. If you prefer to incorporate ginger in cooking, it is a wonderful complementary flavor to add to various dishes. Ginger goes particularly well with garlic.

Generally for indigestion you want to take 2 to 4 grams of ginger per day. If you are expecting to feel motion sickness and want to avoid it, take 1 gram of ginger a half hour before you travel, and then a half gram every 4 hours after that. Many pregnant women experience morning sickness and use ginger as a natural and safe remedy. However, in pregnant women extended use should be avoided. Limit ginger intake to up to 1 gram per day.

Ginger is considered a safe and natural herb for human ingestion. If ginger is applied to the skin however, some people experience topical rashes. In powder form ginger is very strong so you should watch how much you take. It is important to measure and monitor your dosages. Too much powdered ginger can cause unwanted side effects like gas and bloating. Ginger is also not a good idea for those who experience gallstones. When used carefully, ginger is a wonderful cure to a whole host of symptoms. Stock up on it today now that you know about ginger health benefits.

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    occasionally if you feel like you are loosing your voice, if you put raw ginger under your tongue or suck on it, the ginger will help.

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