Fruit and vegetable diet

A diet consisting of only fruits and vegetables can be very effective if done safely. There are some issues with this type of diet as it will become very difficult to get enough protein each day. You could use dietary supplements to provide any of the lacking vitamins or minerals if necessary. Most people will not recommend a fruit and vegetable diet as it lacks quite a bit. What would be more beneficial would be a diet which has a fair amount of fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods.

A fruit and vegetable diet could be used for many reasons. Some may want to use it for weight loss but that is not a great choice. You can create a healthy diet and exercise frequently to see much better weight loss results. If you follow the diet accordingly then there will be a noticeable amount of weight that is lost but if this is your only reason for going on the diet then it could lead to diet problems after the diet. For weight loss reasons a fruit and vegetable diet is almost classifiable as a crash diet.

A very popular reason for creating a fruit and vegetable diet is to use it as a way to detoxify your body. The result of this detox will be an improved overall health. There will most likely be noticeable improvements to the health of your skin and hair. Many people will even notice a better complexion to their skin after a fruit and vegetable detox.

Best Fruits and Vegetables to Consume
You will need to know what fruits and vegetables offer the most health benefits. If you plan on just adding a lot of fruits and vegetables to your diet then you will want to add the most effective ones. If you plan on building a fruit and vegetable diet plan then you will want to incorporate the more effective fruits and vegetables in higher quantities. Take a look below at some of the better fruits and vegetables that you should consume on a daily basis.

Tomatoes are great for providing hydration to the body. Tomatoes consist of 90% water and will influence proper digestion. There are also many antioxidants found in tomatoes. You will find a decent amount of vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotine in tomatoes. Tomatoes are generally lightweight, taste good, and can be used with a number of meals. It should not be very difficult to find areas in your diet to implement tomatoes. You may even be able to manage a few servings of tomatoes every single day in your diet due to the versatility of the vegetable.

There are many different types of apples available so there should be one type that you will absolutely love. Frequent consumption of apples can provide many great health benefits. Apples contain a large amount of pectin which will improve the functioning ability of your digestive system. The result of eating apples regularly can also be an increase in energy as your body requires less energy for digestion processes. Apples can even show some results in treating skin blemishes. Additionally, apples are rich in many different vitamins and minerals.

Negative Calorie Foods
Negative calorie foods, sometimes referred to as zero calorie foods, are foods which can be consumed without adding to your caloric intake. There may be a small amount of calories for these foods and beverages but this amount is usually burnt while consuming and digesting the food or drink. For instance, a glass of ice water would be categorized as a negative calorie drink as it increases your heart rate and burns energy in the body.

Many fruits and vegetables are characterized as negative calorie foods. If you are looking for healthy snacks then you may want to refer to a list of negative calorie foods. Make sure you avoid forming a whole diet plan solely around negative calorie foods as it could lead to serious deficiencies and health issues.

Final Thoughts
If you are dieting for weight loss then you should stay far away from a diet that only contains fruits and vegetables. This is only a viable diet if you are looking to clean out your body or eat light for a short period of time. You can consume only fruits and vegetables and still remain healthy. To receive all the necessary nutrients you may be required to use a dietary supplement though.

If you are contemplating a fruit and vegetable diet then you will need to consider the reason for going on the diet and see if there are any better diets that can accomplish the same results. There are many different diet plans available and even when detoxifying the body there may be a better option than the fruit and vegetable diet. However, you cannot go wrong with eating a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you are planning a fruit and vegetable diet then you will want to research the various fruits and vegetables which offer major health benefits. There are many fruits and vegetables which may not be popularly known (such as watercress) but have great benefits and would be a very useful addition to a fruit and vegetable diet. To close, if you are going to go on a diet which just contains fruits and vegetables then you should put a lot of thought into what foods and meals you will be consuming.

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    I completely agree with this post, most of us don’t get nearly enough fruit and vegetables in our daily meals. Incorporating smoothies into your diet is an easy and very effective way to get the fruits and vegetables levels recommended by the FDA and other authorities.

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