Ferrous sulfate

Ferrous sulfate is prescribed to treat an iron deficiency. Ferrous sulfate provides the body with a sufficient amount of iron to follow through with the process of creating red blood cells. Ferrous sulfate is often used to treat and prevent anemia which results from an iron deficiency. If anemia occurs as a result of an iron deficiency then many serious health issues could occur.

How is Ferrous Sulfate Used
Ferrous sulfate is made available in pill form and liquid form. The pill forms of ferrous sulfate are available in various forms (normal, coated, extended release) and are found in both tablet and capsule form. The liquid forms of ferrous sulfate are available in various forms (drops, syrup). The doctor will prescribe you with a specific type of ferrous sulfate supplement which is best suited for you.

Ferrous sulfate will need to be taken two or three times each day. It should be taken between each meal of the day but preferably taken an hour or two before eating when you still have an empty stomach. The specific instructions on how to take ferrous sulfate will be on the prescription label of the bottle that the ferrous sulfate came in. You should just follow those instructions to get the best results possible as your doctor will have decided which dosage and frequency of dosing is best for you.

What to Know Before Using Ferrous Sulfate
There are a few things that you should realize about this drug before you begin using it. You will want to become informed on the possible side effects and risks of using ferrous sulfate. The most important thing to know is that overdosing on ferrous sulfate can be fatal, especially in young children. In fact, ferrous sulfate is the most common cause of poisoning deaths in children under the age of six.

It is also important to know how long it will take ferrous sulfate to fully treat an iron deficiency. To start off, the symptoms of the deficiency will likely be minimized after just a couple of days of using ferrous sulfate. If you are suffering from a severe deficiency then the treatment may have to continue for a longer period of time and the treatment could possibly last for as much as six months.

Side Effects
It is also important to know what the side effects of using ferrous sulfate are. The most common side effect of this drug will be a darkened stool. This side effect may be discomforting but it will not cause you any harm at all. If liquid ferrous sulfate is used then there is the possibility of your teeth staining. This can be avoided if the dose is dropped into a drink before being consumed. You could also brush your teeth with baking soda on a weekly basis to further prevent the staining. Additionally, an upset stomach and constipation are two possible side effects of using ferrous sulfate supplements.

Final Thoughts
An iron deficiency can be a serious health problem which could become potentially fatal in time. If you do not have enough iron in your diet then you should make immediate changes. If you cannot find enough foods in your daily diet plan to get a sufficient amount of iron then you will need to look elsewhere. Ferrous sulfate is one of the more effective ways of treating and preventing an iron deficiency so it should not be counted out.

Anyone that is lacking iron in their diet should definitely consider using a ferrous sulfate supplement. It will be able to get rid of symptoms of an iron deficiency within only a few days. After a few weeks or months of treatment the deficiency may be completely gone away. It is only in the more severe cases that longer treatment (six months or more) will be necessary to fully treat the iron deficiency. To close, ferrous sulfate is an extremely effective iron supplement which should be used as directed for anyone that has any severity of iron deficiency.

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