Female libido enhancement

When time pushes a woman to the end of her energy after maintaining everyday’s mandatory work like taking care of the children and family, managing the career and all the other compulsory work, would it be possible to expect her to be proactive enough to have sex? Definitely a majority of the total number of woman will answer an emphatic “Probably No” if we actually run a survey based on this. A recent survey has shown that, about forty three percent of the total number of women in United Kingdom have lost their libido which is about two fifth of the entire female population. Even though it is a specific example for a certain group of people, the assumption is expected to be true for most of the women in the world. However, male are one step ahead in this issue since there are a few male libido enhancement supplements in the markets which work well to enhance male’s sexual desire. Nevertheless, here is good news for the women. The male are not the consumers forever anymore! The researchers have discovered women libido enhancement which effectively help the women to get back their lost or fed- up sexual desire.

At some point of life, most women face this problem. Thinning, tightening, atrophy (A decrease in muscle mass) and dryness of vagina are common problems among fifty percent of the women. It mostly happens because of the rapid decrease of estrogen level. Hence, it can be related to other factors as well. For example, sleeping, exercising, eating, relation with partner are some of the internal factors whereas socializing and body image can have effect on women sexual desire as external factors. Previously, most of doctors used to suggest hormone therapies like estrogen or testosterone therapies. Even tough hormone therapies were suggested by the doctors, its effectiveness has been faced heavy doubts and criticisms. There are some drugs like Female Viagra which work pretty effectively, but the long term negative impacts of these drugs are creating concerns among the women.

There are a few enhancers amongst which some of them work very effectively and some of them rarely on the track. Female Viagra is one of the female libido enhancing drugs which help to increase the flow of blood in the female genital area. This drug helps to reduce vaginal dryness according to a study that was conducted, and it is important since about two third the of women loss their libido because of vaginal dryness. The consequences of this enhancer include in an increased level of vaginal lubrication and relaxed vaginal muscles. Testosteron and Estrogen patches and pills are widely used to treat this problem as well. Testosteron is a male hormone which is frequently recommended by the doctors to the women who have dysfunction in their sexual desire. Additionally, Estrogen patches and pills help to increase blood flow in the female genital areas.

Some popular libido enhancement products help women increase their sexual desires without any side effects. They increase the overall blood circulation to the female genital area, and increase lubricant levels to build up intense sexual desire. These formula are made of natural ingredients without any possible side effects. These ingredients may include Niacin, Hops extract, Tribulus Terrestris, Mucuna Pruriens and some other natural ingredients which all work together to built up a strong women libido.

Since an ever increasing number of women are facing with libido related issues, it is important to have a sound knowledge about the domain of attributes contributing to the problem. Additionally, the underlying causes of falling sexual desire are also important to know about. Whatever the reasons maybe, the female libido enhancers can help in providing short term remedies; however, a better lifestyle should be attained to counter this rather personal issue in the longer term.

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