Essential phospholipids

If you have a desire to be as happy and healthy as you can be from the inside out you should certainly learn about and take essential phospholipids. Essential phospholipids are essentially purified extracts that will contain anywhere from 76% to 94% dietary lecithin. This percentage is equal to about four to five times as much of your ordinary dietary lecithin. In addition to providing you with all of the lecithin that you need, you’ll also be getting plenty of polyunsaturated fatty acids that the body uses to make the compounds that are required by all cell membranes.

Taking essential phospholipids is a great idea and will benefit every area of your body. You are supplying your body with what it needs to provide you with the most basic to complicated processes that make you who you are. Without essential phospholipids, life would not be what it is!

There are many effects associated with essential phospholipids. One of the most important benefits of getting your essential phospholipids is that you are supporting cell membrane structure and function. Without the phospholipids, your body would not have what is needed on even the most basic of levels. You simply wouldn’t function well because your body’s basic functions would not be complete.

Essential phospholipids are also responsible for supplying choline for ACH. Choline is provided, which is important for the neurotransmitter Ach. You need choline in your blood for your brain to function properly. The essential phospholipids will provide a slow releasing form of choline that will allow for your levels to be nice and high, where they should be, for up to 12 hours at a time. This means that your body will have what it needs when it needs it!

Energy production is benefitted and supplied by essential phospholipids. The two tie in nicely together because the essential phospholipids are a great source of those healthy fatty acids. These fatty acids are what the body burns to produce energy. When you are getting your essential phospholipids you are getting the fuel for your body! In addition, the fatty acids that are not burned can be stored so the body always has a healthy supply of fatty acids to burn when you need an energy boost.

Essential phospholipids also help with the emulsification of fat and bile. In the gastrointestinal system the essential phospholipids help to soften dietary fats and bile produced by the liver. This allows for your digestive tract to be as well functioning as possible at all times.

Essential phospholipids are also important in making cholesterol more soluble. By increasing the solubility of cholesterol you are helping to lower cholesterol levels and removing it from the tissue and helping to promote platelet aggregation. The essential phospholipids also help to do away with the promotion of atherosclerosis.

Yet another benefit of essential phospholipids is that they help in the clotting of blood. Basically, the essential phospholipids help to modulate the accumulation of red blood cells and platelets. This is an essential bodily function that would not function the way it should without essential phospholipids!

As you can see, your life, and your body would not be the same without essential phospholipids. Luckily, you can take supplements that will give you all of the essential phospholipids that you need to live life like you want to, which can be purchased at your local drug store. When you have a balanced amount of phospholipids on board at all times your body will be more likely to continue to work well, and like you expect it to, regardless of the demands you place on it!

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