Epi pens for allergic reactions

The technical name for an epi pen is an epinephrine autoinjector. Epi pen is simply the trade name which is used for the medical device but there are other trade names for these deviecs as well. It is a device which is used to treat allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock. This is done by providing a specific dose in each automatic injection to combat allergy problems or the early stages of anaphylactic shock.

Epinephrine is more commonly known as adrenaline. Epinephrine is often classified as a prescription medication but there are some areas (such as Canada) where no prescription is required to purchase it. Epi pens can be obtained for roughly $100 to $120 each at local pharmacies where made available for over-the-counter purchase.

Basics of the Epi Pen
The epi pen uses the autoinjector technology to administer the medicine into the human body. The needle is spring-loaded and will pass through the sterile membrane of the device before being injected into the individual that is being treated. If there is no sterile membrane in the epi pen then the needle will just pass through the tip of the pen before it is injected into the individual that is being treated.

Epi pens have preset dose amounts which usually range from 0.3mg to 0.5mg of epinephrine. There are some less potent epi pens which have dose amounts of 0.15mg of epinephrine. Also, there are some epi pens available under a different trade name which include multiple doses in the device.

How to Use the Epi Pen
The device must be activated and held in place for ten seconds so that the epinephrine can be injected into the human body. In this time frame the drug will be injected and absorbed into various muscles in the body. It will also be sent down your bloodstream to provide as many benefits as possible.

While this article has referred to using the epi pen as an injection you should not ever try to use an epi pen with an IV administration method. Epinephrine used intravenously can be potentially fatal as it can lead to limited blood flow, extremely fast heartbeat, and other health issues. Remember that epi pens are only used in emergencies situations and most of the time you will require emergency medical attention after using the pen as well.

Do Epi Pens Offer Long Term Benefits?
Epi pens are just used to treat emergency medical issues such as an allergic reaction. They will not offer any major long term benefits at all. By using an epi pen you cannot prevent any anaphylactic episodes. The epi pen is simply used for emergency situations such as an allergic reaction or anaphylactic episode. Medical attention may also be required after the issue is treated with the epi pen. Anaphylactic episodes may occur again after they are treated with the epi pen but by having this device on hand you will be able to treat them before they become too serious.

Final Thoughts
It is always a good idea to have an epi pen lying around for emergency situations such as an allergic reaction. You may even want to carry one along with a first aid kit just in case something serious occurs . An epi pen can be a real life saver for many people as some allergic reactions can be fatal without immediate treatment. Usually the use of an epi pen will not be the only treatment but it is a way to prevent the problem from progressing while you seek professional medical attention.

If you are going to own an epi pen then you will need to know how to use it and how it should be stored. You should speak with your doctor or a pharmacist about this so you can get a better understanding on how you should store and use your epi pen. Lastly, for an investment of just a little over one hundred dollars, the epi pen is something which should be found in most homes especially if allergic reactions or anaphylactic episodes are common.

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