Energy pills

In our never-ending, hustle and bustle filled world, who doesn’t have an insatiable desire to possess more energy? With appointment books filled, cell phones at the ready, children involved in after school activities and 24/7 access to work and email, it seems that there is never enough time to get everything done. When you feel like this, and the pressure from your many obligations is mounting, you may think that turning to energy pills is your only option for salvation.

While energy pills can serve a necessary purpose, they may not always be your best option for increasing your energy. Once in a while, resorting to energy pills can be okay, but repeated, every day use is dangerous and unhealthy. In most cases, the extra cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon is the better source of energy.

There are many types of energy pills and even some that claim to be, “all natural”. “All natural” is a dangerous term to use because it implies that the pill is gentle and healthy. In reality, caffeine from coffee, black tee and other sources is always “natural”, so an all natural energy pill is not necessarily any better for you than sucking on some espresso beans- and often, it is actually more damaging.

One popular energy pill product is Enada Nadh. Enada Nadh claims to be a cellular energy product, meaning that it creates more energy for you at a cellular level. They claim that their product works on the cells in your brain and central nervous system. Since they claim to increase your Seratonin level, it is possible that these claims are true. They also claim to be of assistance to Chronic Fatigue sufferers and a trial conducted by Georgetown University Medical Center did state that Enada can help alleviate symptoms of Chronic Fatigue. The ingredients of the product are not listed on the website.

NoDoz is a hugely popular over the counter energy pill. From truckers to travelers, pilots to waitresses, almost every individual in the U.S. has tried these pills to get through a long drive, long shift or long study session. NoDoz does not try to market itself as a healthy product, but they do mention that it is as safe as coffee.

JumpStart is an energy pill that includes vitamins and antioxidants in its proprietary formula. Ironically, the company also makes and sells a sleep aid. They don’t mention on their website what kind of caffeine or stimulant is used for energy, but they make sure to mention that this pill will also better your moods.

No matter what product you choose to help you increase your energy, you should be aware of some of the side effects. You may have trouble sleeping, you may feel listless and you may have headaches if you don’t take them after a few days of taking them. Additionally, you may have dizziness, sweatiness, heart palpitations and other negative side effects.

If you decide to take pills to increase your energy, it is important that you don’t get on the “take a pill to wake up and a pill to go to sleep” hamster wheel. It can be very detrimental to your health and your natural sleep cycle to take these supplements more than occasionally. You should check with your physician before taking any of these pills, especially since some of them may not work well with medications you are currently taking.

The best way to make sure you have energy is to actually be all natural. Drink a lot of water, exercise, eat fruits and vegetables and avoid sugar and simple carbohydrates.

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