Dyslexia treatment

A number of parents wanted to know more dyslexia treatment to help their children cope with their difficulties in learning to read and help them to attain a better result from their education. Most experts would use educational tools in treating dyslexia. More than medicines and counseling, an important part of dyslexia treatment is training children to read and fix their comprehension skills at an early stage.

When a child with this learning disability turns three, he is eligible for an Individualized Education Program (IEP) where the classes are created to tailor fit the needs of the children with this disorder. In this program, the teacher, school staff, counselors and the treating doctor can work together with the parents to create a lesson plan suitable for the child with dyslexia. The IEP would include teaching techniques and methods along with the goals of the program for the entire year.

Sound is an important factor in education patients with dyslexia. Linking letters to sounds can help children to read and form words. Oral reading among patients with dyslexia should always be guided. Instructions should be simple and clear so that the children can understand them better.

You can do this simple activity. Find an empty space where you can draw boxes with a chalk and draw letters inside them. As you call out the sound of the letter, ask your child to step or jump to its corresponding letter symbol. This a great game to teach letter and letter sounds to very young children who have been diagnosed with this disability.

A lot of children with dyslexia have trouble in spelling. If this is the case, you can teach them spelling by focusing on trouble letters of the words they find hard to spell. For example, if he spell ‘taught’ as ‘tot’, underline the letters ‘augh’ so he can focus on these letters the next time he tries to spell it. Instead of a pen and paper, try giving your child a white board and marker so he can easily erase the letters he has misspelled. Most children with dyslexia became too frustrated when they make a mistake on paper and that can lead to self-esteem issues.

As part of his dyslexia treatment, you can also enroll your child in an online reading course. This would give him a brand new environment when trying to learn how to read. A lot of patients with dyslexia struggle at school but an online reading course would be a new thing for them. Studying online would be like playing computer games. There are various online reading courses that you can find on the internet. Look for a course program that is suitable for your child’s age and comprehension skills.

Art is a good tool in teaching your children how to read and write. Most children would respond positively if there is an integration of art into what he is trying to learn. Art for them is fun. Colors and figures can give letters and words a certain recall so your kids can remember them better. Parents like to keep a lot of color, brushes and paints so they can use it whenever they teach their kids spelling, writing or reading.

It is also recommended that when you teach your dyslexic children, you read to them out loud. This can enhance the comprehension of the child. Encourage your children to move their lips while reading and have them also practice their reading out loud.

Overcoming any learning disability can be a tough experience for your child. Be frank with them about dyslexia and let them know it has no reflection on their intelligence. You can tell them success stories of dyslexic people who made it. Talk about famous people who went through their life and succeeded even with this disorder. For example, Harrison Ford, the famous actor, is dyslexic. You can find other similar stories on the internet and tell them to your children.

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