Dry skin remedies

Dry skin is a common problem. Almost everyone has to deal with this problem during winter. However, many also suffer from dry skin conditions throughout the year. This proves that it is neither the weather nor any other external factor which is always responsible for dry skin. Instead, the main culprit is the habits of the individual – habits which have been formed over the lifetime and are therefore hard to change. However, people need to get rid of habits which take away the luster of their skin and make it dry. Here is a list of the most effective remedies for dry skin:

1. Making sure that bath water is not too hot:
Hot baths have become a part of American lifestyle. And why not? Nothing is more relaxing than a hot bath after returning home from long hours spent in the office.

However, hot water is known to make the skin dry – by removing all the oil and moisture from the skin. Although water at any temperature is harmful to the skin, the degree of drying effect is higher for hot water. So, what should people do? Stop taking showers? While staying away from water may be the best solution, it is hardly feasible. Instead, people should try to minimize the effects of being in contact with water. This can be done by replacing hot bath water with warm water. Also, people should try to stay in bath water by no longer than 15 minutes.

Since the skin and the hair are both made of similar substances (that is, proteins), hot water is also bad for the hair. It removes the naturally occurring oils from the hair – making it dry and frizzy. As a result, hot and also warm water should be kept away from hair at all costs.

2. Avoiding bubble baths:
Children as well as adults are fond of adding bubbles to their bath water – mainly, because of the excitement brought from the experience. However, bubbles are just as bad as hot water and thus should never be used. Rather, people should try milk powder, oatmeal or bath oil. Although these are not as fun as bubbles, they hydrate skin by restoring back all the moistures and oil lost during bath.

3. Careful during shaving:
Shaving is bad for skin. Improper shaving habits make conditions worse. The direction of shaving hair – from all parts of the body – should be the same as the direction of the growth of hair. However, only a handful of people pay heed to this advice when they are shaving hair. The rest end up with dry skin.

In addition, people should always put shaving cream or gel on to their skin when shaving. This not only reduces the risk of getting cuts while shaving but also moisturizes the skin. Creams containing essential oils and aloe are especially beneficial. On the other hand, creams containing alcohol are not very helpful.

4. Avoiding rubbing skin dry
After taking a bath, most of the people vigorously rub their skin dry with a towel. This removes not only water but also moisture from the skin – making the skin dry permanently. In order to avoid losing this moisture, people should take time to pat their skin dry – slowly and gently. They must always remember that the skin is very vulnerable – especially, when it is wet.

5. Using skin moisturizer
This is the most effective remedy for dry skin – and also the one most difficult to execute regularly. Many people think that applying lotion or oil all over the body will take a lot of time and thus avoid doing this. However, using lotion or oil – especially after bath – is essential in restoring the moisture lost during shower.

The best results are achieved if the moisturizer is used right after taking bath – when the skin is still damp. As a result, people should keep a bottle of lotion or oil in their bathroom.

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