Dry hair treatment

The problem of having dry hair is something that many women and men are facing nowadays and this issue is made worse by the fact that there are several possible causes for it. This means that there is no single answer or a dry hair treatment that will work for everybody.

First of all, let’s talk a bit about what hair is and what it is made out of. Hair is mostly made out of a type of protein called keratin. In fact, 88 percent of hair is keratin; this is also the same protein that makes up our nails. Generally, about ten percent of hair should be moisture with the remaining two percent being various other compounds.

Dry hair on the other hand does not have that ten percent moisture level due to various factors such as a bad diet, too much washing or using harsh products when washing it, a dry environment as well as some metabolic issues. However, the most common causes of dry hair are the ones we as individuals are directly responsible for, such as prolonged exposure to sunlight, or the action of chlorine and salt water when we take a dip in a swimming pool. In fact, all the artificial processes we use to style our hair such as perms, color treatments and heat styling can seriously damage our hair.

Thankfully, there are several things that one can do as part of a dry hair treatment regiment in order to solve this problem.

Safflower oil is very similar to the make-up of our hair and scalps natural oils. This means that this type of oil is very easily absorbed and retained by our hair and can prove to be a great advantage to those with dry hair. It can work to moisturize the hair when the natural oils that our body produces are missing, which is perfect for those who are facing this problem. You simply have to apply the safflower oil by rubbing a few drops of it into your palms and then start massaging your hair beginning with the ends and working your way up to the scalp. You should leave the oil in your hair for about thirty minutes. It is worth mentioning the fact that this solution will most probably work on a mild case of dry hair.

When you suffer from a moderate case of hair dryness you can opt for yet another type of oil: olive oil. This oil contains various chemical compounds which can do wonders for the hair, leaving it soft and bouncy.

This dry hair treatment is a bit more complicated than the last one because it involves slightly warming up the olive oil and then steadily massaging it into your hair. After that is done, you should wrap your hair in saran wrap and then wrap the whole thing again with a warm towel. Keep it on for thirty minutes and then shampoo your hair with a product meant for dry hair.

The olive oil treatment should work for all the cases that the safflower oil treatment did not, but if your problem cannot be helped by this product or you just want a very intense dry hair treatment, there is one other option you can try: eggs.

This final dry hair treatment can be applied by first separating the egg whites from the yolks and thoroughly beating the whites. Then you add a tablespoon of water to the egg yolks and mix until the concoction is creamy. After you’ve done that, you mix together the creamy egg yolks and the foamy egg whites and apply the whole concoction to your head slowly, using the tips of your fingers. By using one of these solutions, you can forget about having dry hair.

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