Does Enzyte Work?

There are numerous products in the marketplace that claim to be able to increase the size of a man’s penis. These range from medicated pills, topical creams and even penis enlargement exercises. You may well be aware that there are various pharmaceutical firms and indeed companies that sell all natural products that have made millions of dollars in profits simply based on a man’s insecurities. However, not all of these products can be considered legitimate and unfortunately many do not deliver on their promises. In fact many penis enlargement products are merely promoted by people looking to make a quick profit.

One of the most renowned male enhancement products to hit the marketplace in recent years is Enzyte. However Enzyte has been privy to much speculation and controversy regarding its effectiveness. Unfortunately it is proving rather difficult to prove whether Enzyte really works. In actual fact, a certain government agency requested that the FTC stop any campaigns and promotions of Enzyte due to a lack of scientific evidence. There has also been much speculation and concern in regards to the refund and return policy of Enzyte. Many vendors have made a promise to refund twice the actual amount paid if you are dissatisfied with the product. However many companies have asked their customers to sign waivers which will stop them from making additional claims.

Enzyte contains many ingredients that are considered safe such as ephedra and caffeine. However an ingredient such as Yohimbe extract has been known to cause certain side effects. Yohimbe is actually a tree most often found in Africa and the bark is processed to produce the specific extract. These extracts are used in many different therapeutic applications, and can be used to treat certain ailments. Yohimbe extract is also considered to be an aphrodisiac. However Yohimbe is known to increase the heart rate and also the blood pressure and, therefore, should not be used by people who suffer from cardiovascular disorders. There are certain minor side effects from taking this extract and these can include anxiety, dizziness and insomnia.

In reality there is simply not enough information contained within Enzyte’s official website that proves that it is as good as many claim. The ingredients generally appear to be safe, although there is not nearly enough information regarding the quality of these ingredients or the manufacturing process. It appears that the United States Courts have come to their own conclusions about Enzyte. Recently the owner of the Berkeley Premium Neutraceuticals, the official manufacturer of Enzyte, was found guilty of conspiracy, fraud and money-laundering. The investigation was conducted by the FDA and other US government agencies. They found that Berkeley’s claims were unsubstantiated. These claims promised bigger, firmer and longer lasting erections. The owner of Berkeley was eventually ordered to pay fines and damages to numerous clients and also received a prison sentence.

If the truth be told, it appears Enzyte is nothing more than a scam. Enzyte was never tested by the FDA, and there does not appear to have been any research conducted by another third party. The priority of any company that makes the claim that they have a product to enhance the size of a man’s penis is to provide proof. However Berkeley failed to do this. Another extremely suspicious practice is that Enzyte originally claimed to permanently increase the size of a man’s penis. However many customers were not satisfied and stated that there were absolutely no positive results. Straight after this Berkely actually readjusted and rewrote the claims about penis size. Their packaging now simply states that Enzyte can help men get fuller and firmer erections.

When Enzyte was first introduced into the marketplace during the latter months of 2001, the marketing and sales of this product proved to be extremely successful. The majority of customers were led to believe that Enzyte would increase their penis size and therefore the product sold in its millions. As you may expect there were many, many unhappy and irate customers who the product simply did not work for. Unfortunately for many of these customers their demands for a refund were not actually met until the owner eventually went to prison.

Many more customers also reported illegal practices when ordering Enzyte from the official website. The majority of people wished to merely make one order as this was a new and unknown product in the marketplace. However they were soon to find out that their credit cards would be charged on an ongoing basis and a new stock of Enzyte pills were delivered every month. Unfortunately, trying to contact the manufacturer to question this automatic enrolment program proved extremely difficult. In some cases, customers had to completely cancel their credit cards just to stop this regular monthly transaction. Therefore realistically, it is best to agree that Enzyte does not work!

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