Diet pills for women

More women these days are gaining weight and are looking for ways to loose it. Today’s modern diet can be one culprit that is causing women to gain so much weight. Lack of exercise is another reason women are gaining more weight than their ancestors. Fast foods and convenience foods is another reason. Women today work outside of the home and do not have the time they need to exercise or pay more attention to the foods they eat. As a result, interest in diet pills for women is on the rise. Diet pills for are being considered by more women today than ever before as a way to decrease the appetite and loose weight.

Even women who have time to exercise find that exercise alone may not work for some of them. This is why diet pills are one more tool that women can use in their arsenal against weight control. There are several different diet pills on the market. You may need to try more than one kind before you find the one that will work best for you if you want to try to lose weight by using them. Just because one type of diet pill works for your friend does not mean the same diet pill will work for you. Different diet pills for women work in different ways.

Women, who struggle with obesity in particular, will look for information on diet pills for women and tend to try out several different kinds in their quest to loose weight. There are actually three main kinds of diet pills for women. These fall in the main categories of calorie burners, appetite suppressants and absorption blockers.

Calorie Burners:
Calorie burners are a certain diet pills for women that will increase metabolism and they contain stimulants. The effective ingredients in calorie burners are green tea, caffeine, guarana. Ephedra used to be included but it has been taken off of the market now because it was proven to be dangerous.

Appetite Suppressants:
Citrimax and CLA (conjugated Linoleic Acid) are a few ingredients in diet pills for women that are in the appetite suppressant category. Citrimax is a safe appetite suppressant. CLA is also considered safe. You can purchase these at the health food stores. Some prescription diet pills for women that suppress the appetite are Redux, Phen-Phen, Meridia, and Wellbutrin. You can get these prescribed for you by your medical doctor if you enlist his or her help when trying to lose weight. However, you should know that these prescription diet pills can have serious side effects. Not every woman will lose weight by taking appetite suppressants either. If you are not losing around 4 pounds a week, you should try other types of diet pills for women.

Absorption Blockers:
These types of diet pills for women block the carbohydrates that you eat so that they get passed out rather than absorbed by the intestines. Others types of blockers will block the fat that you eat from being absorbed in the intestines. The best known carb blockers usually use white kidney beans or soybeans as the main ingredient. The fat blocker diet pills for women have been shown to remove fat soluble vitamins from the body as well as the fat that you eat. The fat soluble vitamins are vitamins A, D, E and K.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not use diet pills for women. Diet pills for women sold over the counter have not been proven to be safe for all women so you should closely monitor how you are feeling while taking these diet aids. Make sure you discuss your weight loss plan with your doctor before starting to take any of the diet pills for women mentioned above.

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