DHT blocker

DHT is also known as dihydrotestosterone, a byproduct of the male hormone testosterone. Studies show that DHT attacks hair follicles that results in the disruption of hair growth and can lead to hair loss. Areas where DHT attacks are mainly on the temples and in the crown.

DHT is created when enzyme 5 alpha reductase reacts with the body’s testosterone. 5 alpha reductase is produced by your scalp. When DHT is produced, hair loss is immediately noticed in some areas of the hair.

Testosterone is an important element in our body so you can stay fit and healthy. It cannot be eliminated in the body. In order to prevent hair loss, the enzyme that creates testosterone into DHT is blocked. Today, there are a number of DHT blockers products created to be able to prevent hair loss.

Because of the presence of testosterone in creating DHT, hair loss is much more apparent in men than in women. The enzyme tends to attack the male hair follicles mostly in the frontal area of the head and on top of the head. Although women can also develop hair loss, they are not highly at risk because they do not have high levels of testosterone needed to produce the enzyme. In a number of studies, DHT has no specific functions or health benefits that have been found so there is no need for the body to produce it at all.

Men may be more prone to hair loss than women, but the effects of DHT in women can cause muscular growth, fertility problems and build up of some male characteristics, including deepening of voice. Because of these effects and other more minor symptoms, a lot of people are using DHT blockers to stop the production of this enzyme.

To prevent premature hair loss and other discomforting side effects, a lot of people are using natural and artificial DHT blockers that are available on the market. You can get a DHT blocker as prescribed by your doctor or buy something over the counter. It is recommended to try more natural methods or the over-the-counter preparations first as prescriptions often have annoying side effects.

Today there are many products available that contain DHT inhibitors and androgen that prevents the production of DHT. Most are found in hair growth products which are responsible for balancing the falling of hair and regrowth of hair. By limiting DHT levels, hair loss is substantially minimized.

Some of the most popular products on the market that inhibit DHT production are Avacor, Procerin, NuHair, and CellStim-H Shampoo.

Avacor offers various products that contain DHT blockers. You can choose from detoxifying shampoos, hair thickeners, volumizing conditioners and thickening shampoo. Procerin is another popular product that contains herbal ingredients. The product contains DHT blockers as well as vitamins and minerals for healthy hair growth. NuHair, another DHT blocker product, is also a popular hair regrowth tablets that nourishes the hair and scalp while encouraging new hair growth. CellStim H Shampoo is yet another hair product that can stimulate re-growth and inhibit the enzyme that triggers hair loss. This shampoo is also used as a detoxifier and can remove surface residue.

In choosing a DHT blocker product to use, make sure that you are getting value for your money. Compare their prices and effectiveness. You can consult independent reviews that you can find on the internet to know more about the products that you are about to use. You can buy these products in your local drugstore or you can also buy them online. These products do not work overnight so be sure to use the product long enough to see if it will prove effective for you.

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