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People are now a little more conscious of what they eat, which is what has led to the recent “detoxification hype.” Detoxification is the process by which the toxic qualities of a poison or toxin are reduced by the body. Primarily referred to as a treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction, it can also refer to herbs, diets, and other means to remove toxins from the body. Detoxification or “detox” refers to the action of removing or neutralizing the toxins in your body. It can be done in various ways such as a regular exercise, a spa massage, meditation, yoga and a body scrub. However, the most common and probably the easiest way is the detox diet.

A detox program is primarily recommended for people who are inactive, probably because the foods that they commonly eat are left undigested. However, this program is also for people who are overweight, as well as for those whose livers may be compromised due to over-absorption of additives and preservatives. This is a program which lessens chemicals absorbed in the body by means of eating foods that are organic. It places more emphasis on foods that contain vitamins and antioxidants, which are what you need for your detox diet.

You may ask, “Why detox diet?” “Are there any other ways of cleansing my body?” Many people patronize fast food chains, and if you are one of those people then you probably frequently consume hamburgers, French fries and sodas. Bear in mind that those foods have plenty of fat-soluble chemicals, and too much of these types of additives can be bad for your health. This type of diet can lead to problems with your kidneys or liver, a hormonal imbalance, insufficiency in nutrition and ineffective metabolism. The symptoms of these illnesses are usually pain intolerance, fatigue and poor skin. Begin by cleansing yourself, particularly your body. Given the current lifestyle and environment in which we live, we all need to look after our health. Body detoxification can be as easy as eliminating negative feelings or thoughts by taking a stroll in the park and breathing fresh and clean air, or it can be a rigorous and difficult program to rid our entire digestive system of toxins. Just bear in mind that the most important thing is to cleanse yourself.

If you decide to go on a detox diet, you can regain that smooth and fair skin, your digestion and metabolism will be improved, you will be more focused and you will have a regular bowel movement. In short, you will achieve a healthier state of well-being through this kind of diet. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, a detox diet is not advisable for you, as you and your baby need all the nutrients you can possibly get. However, detox dieting may be beneficial to people who are anemic, have eating disorders, ulcers, are underweight, alcoholic- or drug-dependent, have low immune systems, heart ailments, low blood pressure or cancer. In addition, this diet must be carefully planned with the help of a nutritionist and a doctor. If you have already decided to go on a detox diet, you must understand that you may experience some side effects in the first few days, such as a headache or feeling weak due to changes in food absorption. It would be best if you start the diet on a day when you are at home most of the time. You may also experience diarrhea, because your body is slowly removing the toxins. Make sure to avoid being dehydrated by drinking lots of water.

Do you want to have smooth and clear skin, restore your energy or strengthen your immune system? If your answer is yes, then these are some of the benefits that you can derive from a detoxification plan. To further explain, detoxification simply refers to cleansing of the body and blood by removing impurities in the kidneys, intestines, liver, lungs, skin and lymph glands. The first step is to lessen the toxins in your body. Reduce your alcohol intake, as well as coffee, cigarettes, foods with refined sugar or saturated fats, such as ketchup and soda. These are toxins that hinder the restoration of your health.

Exposure to chemical-based cleaners and some toiletries like toothpaste, facial and body cleansers, shampoos and deodorants should be reduced as well. Those products can be absorbed by our bodies and cannot be fully removed unless detoxification is done. There are numerous ways to detox our bodies. It’s solely up to you to choose a method that suits your lifestyle. One of the most common detox therapies that is used is fasting. Indeed, this is one of the oldest and most natural treatments for the human body. Detox programs can be useful to clear cellular waste, re-energize the body and boost the healing properties of the body. Unsurprisingly, many people have testified to the various benefits of detox programs. Following are some detoxification options:

Juice Fasting
Drinking fresh vegetables and fruits like cranberry, pineapple, apple, cabbage, celery, spinach and carrots is indeed effective in releasing toxins. In addition, these food items contain plenty of enzymes and nutrients to reduce the extremity of the process of cleansing. However, avoid drinking citrus juices. A rapid weight loss is the principal benefit that you will obtain from this method. An estimate of 30-40 lbs. in 30 days can be achieved, as well as the potential to gain self-confidence and feel clean and light. Juice fasting can be done in 1-3 days. If you consider extending a juice fast for a longer period, you would be well advised to consult a physician.

Water Fasting
From the title itself, only water is consumed during this process. Through a water fast, your organs and digestive tract will be at complete rest, thus boosting your energy and giving your body a chance to repair any damaged organs, while at the same time remove the build-up of toxins. Not only that, you will also feel revitalized and motivated to make your day productive.

Gentle Ways to Detoxify Your Body

  • There are safer and easier ways for detoxification. You may want to try one of the following, or you may alternate between the following option if that suits better.
  • Diet change: Eat fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains to maintain a healthy diet. Avoid fast foods or packaged foods, as those contain lots of sugars and fats.
  • Going to a sauna: One way of detoxifying your body is to visit a sauna. This removes build-ups of chemicals in fat cells. Sauna therapy usually goes with exercise, diet and taking nutritious supplements.
  • Exfoliation of the skin: Like the second method, exfoliating your skin, together with proper diet, exercise and taking vitamins, is a milder way of detoxifying your body. It increases the activity of the lymph system, removes dead skin cells and releases toxins through your skin. Make sure to use a dry skin brush with soft vegetable bristles. Start by brushing your feet gently in a circular motion, working your way up to your chest area. This can be done in 1-2 minutes, prior to taking a shower.
  • Yoga: If you do breathing exercises such as Yoga, the flow of blood completely oxygenates, thus increasing energy and improving any physical changes you have achieved. Various positions can gently massage your internal organs and through this, toxins can be discharged slowly.

If you are physically fatigued, it means that your body is lacking in energy, and you may also experience body aches. There is no need to suffer from it — a body detoxification is an easy solution. So, do you want to cleanse your body? Following are some tips for a wise, healthy and efficient detoxification:

  • Start a clean and healthy lifestyle. Eat natural food, drink lots of liquids, mainly water, exercise on a regular basis and avoid junk food, processed food and canned goods – which can be toxic. While doing those things, you might also try a Detox Diet that will cleanse your body and may also provide some relief of body aches, digestive trouble, allergies and other associated concerns.
  • Eat as many fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, rice and grains as possible if you are on a detox program. At the same time, avoid foods that are high in preservatives and additives such as sugar, caffeine, alcohol, yeast, chocolates, etc.
  • Organize your detox program. You can start by abstaining from food on weekends. Friday is good day to begin since the weekend will provide you the shift in and out of your program. Also, your detox method should be something that you can maintain. Detoxifying doesn’t necessarily mean starving yourself.
  • Enjoy nature. Exercise in the open. The refreshing air can work wonders for your lungs and helps with the circulation. It’s nice to go for a walk or run in the morning – especially if you happen to live near a beach or park. Your goal should be to maintain a balance of work and play in your life. Try Pilates or yoga, skip rope or take a walk around your neighborhood. Be active. Make sure that you are always on the go, up and running.
  • Visit a spa. Take a shower and exfoliate your skin. This can help with detoxification. Exfoliating helps to shed dead skin cells and also improves circulation.
  • When you are on a detox program, it is important that your bowel movement is regular to lessen the chance of toxins being retained in the body, so it is essential to eat foods rich in fiber. Tea and herbs can also help keep the bowel regular.
  • They say that a healthy mind is a healthy body, so you should think positive. Eliminate negative thoughts. Smile and have the commitment and determination to your detoxification program.

Detox diets are recommended for a short period of time only. It is suggested that you do this once or twice a year during the months with warmer temperature. It is advised that you consult a nutritionist or a doctor first before start this type of program. In addition, make sure you are fully informed about the detox diet through careful reading and consulting an expert for advice. Nowadays, there are numerous options for processed foods and fast foods — but just about all of them contain vast amounts of preservatives. Our eyes were opened to the need for healthy diet and lifestyles after the controversy of McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants exposure of genetically modified organisms. Remember that the detox system is not just a physical system. You must detox your body and your mind to achieve the fullest effects of the detox system.


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    HI, I have found that a 5 day water fast, once per month is all my body needs to self manage and regulate itself. I have been hugely overweight and suffering from pancreatitis in my shady past, but fasting has brought control back into my hands and cleared any health problems.

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