CPAP mask

CPAP masks are used with CPAP machines to help a person breathe properly when they have a medical condition that prevents them from receiving the proper amounts of oxygen. There are a few medical conditions that lower the body’s ability to take in enough oxygen. Some of these conditions consist of severe asthma, congestive heart disease, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), lung disease and sleep apnea. All of these conditions may require the use of a CPAP machine. CPAP stands for the continuous positive airway pressure that the machine offers.

Once a doctor determines that a patient is in need of a CPAP machine they must then determine what sort of CPAP mask would best fit the patient and their needs. The CPAP mask is the part of the machine that sits on the face and allows the oxygen to be delivered through the mouth and nose. There are several different styles of CPAP masks that can be chosen from. Some of the CPAP masks deliver the oxygen through the mouth and nose together while some will deliver the oxygen through either the nose or the mouth alone.

A person may need a particular type of mask based on the medical condition that they have or they may have the freedom to choose the type of mask that they like best. Some of the masks can be large and cover a big part of the face while some masks are smaller and a little less invasive. Most often a person will feel most comfortable wearing a mask that is smaller and more flexible. There are masks that come with different adjustment settings and some that come with special facial cushions. The quality of masks have been improving over the years to allow people to feel more comfortable and relaxed while using the CPAP machine.

Often people who begin using a CPAP machine may have complaints about their CPAP mask during the first week or so. This is because most often the masks have to be worn at night while a person is trying to sleep. Wearing a mask at night will take a while to get used to. Many people complain about not being able to sleep in a comfortable position or that the mask causes sleep disturbances. Depending on the type of mask used, you may find that you have some initial skin irritation and may also find that your throat is dryer than normal due to the air pressure blowing in through the nose and mouth. The good news is that once a person finds a mask that fits well and takes some time to get used to the CPAP machine and mask, they usually find that the CPAP machine actually improves their quality of sleep over time. This is because most people who are in need of the CPAP machine were not getting the sufficient amount of oxygen while sleeping before which caused them to awaken suddenly and often in need of more oxygen.

If you find that you are having a hard time adjusting to your CPAP mask then you may need to speak with your physician about possibly switching styles or having your mask adjusted. Also if you find that your mask is leaking oxygen out the sides then you do not have the proper fit and need to have your mask tightened.

There are many suppliers that offer many different styles of CPAP masks. Before you pick a mask, make sure it will serve all your breathing needs and let your doctor know what type of mask you choose. He or she may want to monitor your breathing while using a new style mask to ensure you are receiving the appropriate amount of oxygen.

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