Cough syrup

If you or a loved one is suffering from a cough you are probably trying to find the best cough syrup for the job. In order to find the right type of cough syrup you must first determine the type of cough you are dealing with and also the type of patient that is in need of being treated. For example, there is a difference between treating a child versus and adult with a cough.

There are different types of coughs, dry coughs, wet coughs, croupy coughs, etc. If your cough is coming from a cold then you may have a cough that produces mucus. If you have a cold and your chest feels really tight and heavy but you cannot seem to get anything out you may need a cough syrup with an expectorant. An expectorant usually contains the ingredient Guaifenesin. This ingredient is supposed to loosen the mucus in the chest to allow it to be coughed out. When you have a cold that has caused a cough you never want to use a cough suppressant only. This will only make the cough quieter and lessen the frequency of the coughing. However, if you have a chest full of mucus the last thing you want to do is keep that in there. You need to get that stuff out in order to get well.

In the event you have a dry cough or a tickle in your throat that is caused by dry air or post nasal drip you may want to try the suppressant. A suppressant consists of the ingredient Dextromethorphan. This ingredient will block the cough reflex in order to lessen the feeling of needing to cough. This can be beneficial for those that just have an annoying cough that is not caused by mucus in the chest.

You can find cough syrups that contain on the expectorant, or only the suppressant. Also you will find cough syrups that offer both together. Some may contain small amounts of alcohol and some will be alcohol free. There are even cough syrups that are sugar free for diabetics. Be sure to read the labels well because some cough syrups will also contain pain relievers or decongestants as well. Know what you need for your situation and never take anything that has an added ingredient that you do not need. It is also very important to always follow the dosing guidelines when taking cough syrups since an overdose can cause a lot of unwanted side effects.

Another form of cough relief isn’t one that is taken orally at all, but rather in an inhalant form. Medicines such as vapor rubs that involve using menthols and camphor to help soothe the airways and lesson a cough may be just as beneficial. These can be applied to the throat and chest or used as an additive in a steam machine. These can really help especially at night during sleep and are very good options for children. However, when dealing with a sick child it is most important to seek a pediatrician’s advice on what may or may not be best for your child and their type of cough.

Studies have shown that sometimes taking cough syrups are not always the best option. Some may offer a temporary relief but may also make the situation worse in the long run. There have been some strict warnings over the last few years about giving cough syrup to children especially. There may be side effects associated with cough syrups that are taken by very small children. The best thing would be to consult your physician regarding your cough and asking what they recommend. Often times the ingredients in cough syrups can interact with other medical issues or medications already being taken by the patient.

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