Coronary artery disease

Coronary artery disease otherwise known as atherosclerosis causes lesions to form on the arteries and it can slowly cause the calcification of the arterial walls, something which can become quite serious over time. As someone who has this condition starts to age, their arteries begin to lose elasticity and there are a number of health complications which can result from this problem. Sometimes this condition can affect children early on and cause multiple problems in terms of their overall health and it is considered to be extremely dangerous for those who have it. One of the most serious and damaging aspects of this condition is the lesions which develop on the arteries in the body over time. They appear on the coronary arteries and can lead to chest pain which is commonly referred to as angina pectoris in the medical field. It is ultimately caused by the blocking of blood flow due to a blood clot which forms in these arteries and if the clot becomes large enough someone with this condition can have a heart attack.

Those who have a blood clot in their cerebral artery may experience a stroke which is essentially a heart attack only in the brain. In this case peripheral vascular disease is the culprit and it occurs when atherosclerosis in the abdominal area produces insufficient blood flow to the various arteries. This problem can be extremely serious if it not properly diagnosed and addressed with the correct type of treatment. There are certain things which you will be able to do in order to reduce the chances of something like a stroke or heart attack happening to you. Doctors are able to diagnose this problem by measuring cholesterol levels as well as the person’s plasma proportions in all of its different forms. Although cholesterol is technically not a liquid, it still manages to get into the bloodstream and it contains certain proteins and lipids. By having a high cholesterol level you are putting yourself at even more risk, especially if you already have coronary artery disease.

There are three different types of lipoproteins which are used in analyzing a person’s cholesterol level in order to determine what their overall health is like. The first type of an extremely low-density lipoprotein, the second is a low-density lipoprotein, and the third is an extremely high-density lipoprotein. A majority of a person’s cholesterol consists of LDL-cholesterol as well as high serum levels. Both of these things have been known to increase a person’s overall risk of coronary artery disease.  The most common type of fat which is found in a person’s body is called triglycerides and you have probably heard your doctor talk about them to you before. It is important that you have a balanced level of them in your body so you will be able to stay healthy and avoid health complications which are associated with this disease.

You will find that there are multiple risk factors which significantly raise a person’s tendency towards high triglyceride levels, and one of the first ones is obesity. By being overweight you will increase your susceptibility to many different health problems, including coronary artery disease which can really take a toll on your body as a whole. If you smoke you are also increasing your risk of developing problems with a high triglyceride level which can easily lead to other health problems which you will not want to have to deal with down the road. Those who eat foods with lots of carbohydrates are also putting themselves at risk for developing these kinds of problems in the future. In order to avoid these problems you will need to make sure that you are avoiding a sedentary lifestyle altogether, getting a healthy balance of nutritious foods in your diet as well as cutting back on smoking and drinking.

If you have coronary artery disease, the best thing you can do is to make large and significant lifestyle changes to the point where it has a positive impact on your health as a whole. You will find that once you start making these changes, your health will improve and the risk of coronary artery disease will not loom over you. The healthier you are the better your chances will be of completely avoiding these problems altogether. You should take the time to figure out what kind of changes you can make to avoid high triglyceride levels as well as high cholesterol which can contribute to this much larger and more serious problem which so many people suffer from.

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