Colostrum milk powder

Colostrum is not mother’s milk. It is the fluid that is produced from a lactating mother for the first 48 hours after birth. This substance is considered the forerunner to a mother producing milk from her mammary glands and is a very important substance for the child to obtain.

Colostrum has more protein, less fat and sugar than milk does. It also has some very potent vitamins and some immunoglobulins that are very important which will be discussed here later. Colostrum milk powder is a powder substance that has been derived from sources such as bovine (cow) goat, or sheep and have been dehydrated into a powder. These substances are being marketed as nutritional supplements for various ailments.

Colostrum has high amounts of immunoglobulin G which is a specialized immune protein that works in response to bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections that affects the circulatory and lymphatic systems. According to the manufacturer of this product, the colostrum is able to maintain your cardiovascular health and improve your immune system. It is also able to increase muscle mass and strength. This is also supposed to give the body the ability to heal faster from illness and injury.

The makers of this product state that this product is very potent in its ability to boost the immune system of those people who have allergy problems and other respiratory issues that are due to auto immune problems such as asthma. They state that regular consumption of the colostrum helps to regulate the immune system and slow down the histamine response which is responsible for the allergic type reactions that are seen in these cases.

They also state that this product works well to help children achieve their growth potential. In addition colostrum is supposed to help people who have problems such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. They state that this product helps improve the ability of the joints to heal themselves as well as reduces the inflammatory response of the joints to the disease process.

Seniors can benefit from this product as it is touted to slow down the aging process and it is also helpful in improving the immune system so that they are not as liable to succumb to the ravages of communicable disease. Seniors are much more likely to have upper respiratory illness such as influenza or pneumonia. Colostrum is supposed to help build up the immune system to help fight off such diseases as these.

Athletes and body builders are always looking for ways to improve their stamina, builds, and performance. Body builders are always looking for ways to increase muscle mass and strength without having to worry about large caloric intake. Colostrum is designed to both build muscle mass and help build muscle strength with few calories to show for it. It is also supposed to help stimulate growth and strength generally. This can be very helpful to athletes in any area of expertise.

According to the makers, the bovine colostrum is very close in structure to what humans have and for that reason is accepted by the human body without issue. It also contains two different proteins that make it harder to be destroyed by gastric juices before it is absorbed by the intestinal tract. This colostrum also contains Vitamin A and Vitamin D which are good for skin, nail and hair health.

We could find no clinical trials or studies to back up the information found here about colostrum. Therefore it is up to the individual to do their own research about this product before purchasing it and relying on it to do what is related here. We have reported what the makers have reported for the public to see. It is important before taking this or any other supplement to seek out the advice of a medical professional to rate the efficacy and safety of the supplement.


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