Cognitive enhancer

A cognitive enhancer, sometimes referred to as a smart drug, is a medication used for improvement of basic mental functions. It is mostly used for enhancing mental concentration and increasing memory capabilities. Cognitive enhancers are available in various items such as prescription medication, supplements, and functional foods.

Recreational Drugs with Benefits
Some recreational drugs will help improve your mental capabilities. Improved cognition, memory ability, concentration, intelligence, and more can all be achieved by using some of these medications. The mental effects are usually long term as well. Keep in mind that some of these recreational drugs that can work as cognitive enhancers are illegal substances, while others may be controlled substances. Take a look below for a few examples of recreational drugs that are also classified as cognitive enhancers.

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the powerful substance found in marijuana is said to be useful at preventing Alzheimer’s and work as a neurogenesis inducer.
  • Amphetamine – a very strong stimulant which can have serious mental affects, by far one of the most advanced cognitive enhancers to date.
  • Entheogens – many of these (such as MDMA and mescaline) have shown strong capabilities when used for psychotherapy.

Other Types of Cognitive Enhancers
From the last section the main point to grasp is that many different drugs can be considered cognitive enhancers. Not all of them will be healthy or safe to use but they can still have mental benefits. Many of the stronger drugs will be extremely effective at treating serious mental issues but they also come with a lot of side effects. If you are looking for a cognitive enhancer for clinical depression then you may need to use a controlled substance. If you are looking to treat a minor problem such as mild stress then you could use less potent medication and get great results without the severe side effects.

The safest type of cognitive enhancer would be made up of natural ingredients. This would be available in supplement form. Usually these are supplements which mostly contain vitamins and herbal ingredients. When looking for a cognitive enhancer for minor mental problems you should definitely look for a natural solution. If you are dealing with a very serious mental issue which is likely long term as well then you will want to look for a much more effective treatment option.

Natural Treatment
Cognitive enhancers can be very beneficial but many of them come with a variety of side effects. A lot of them even require a prescription or may be illegal to possess and use. With that being said, it is important that you find medication that you can attain, use safely, and still get great benefits from. The best way to do this is to find a natural drug.

An example of an herb which is commonly used in cognitive enhancers would be St. John’s Wort. This particular herb shows great results when used as a cognitive enhancer as it is able to help promote a healthy mental balance and prevent extreme mood shifts. This would be a great alternative to using prescription medication such as antidepressants as the results are usually just about the same.

Some mental issues could even be treated with the use of a changed diet. There are many foods that are also considered to be cognitive enhancers. These foods are referred to as functional foods. You may want to look for a full list of functional foods online and start including them into your diet. The results from this may not be as major as they would be from the use of any type of medication but it may still work for minor issues. This would not be a solution for any mild to severe mental issue but adding a few of these foods to your diet would still be beneficial.

Final Thoughts
Cognitive enhancers can help keep your brain working properly. Mental awareness, concentration, quickness, intelligence, and more can all be improved by the use of these medications. There are many different drugs that are classified as cognitive enhancers so it is important to find the right one for your condition. Symptoms of some serious health conditions such as Alzheimer’s can even be treated with the use of certain cognitive enhancers. Ultimately, you will need to speak with your doctor or physician to find out more about cognitive enhancers and how they can help you deal with any mental problems.

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