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Gone are the days when beautification was just a women’s thing. Today’s metrosexual male have risen up against the beauty-conscious female to show that men care about how they look as well, and that they do not become less of a man with the use of a few skin-care products. After all, men’s skin is skin too, and like the women’s it needs adequate amount of care.

Because men shave their facial and neck skin very often, it leaves their skin feeling coarse and dry, and sometimes, scarred enough to attract dirt and pollutants. Soap alone cannot clean the residues that are left by frequent shaving as well. Cleansing masks rejuvenates the shaved skin, and makes it smoother and healthier to touch. A clean face not only looks good, it feels good too. Cleansing masks are a great way to attain a clean and healthy face. These are basically masks that are applied on the face and neck and left to dry, after which they are usually peeled or washed off with water. Facial cleansing masks should contain ingredients that are compatible with the skin’s natural balance; otherwise allergic reactions may occur as men’s skins are prone to such adverse reactions as well. The best masks are those that unclog pores, clean, detoxify and restore the skin.

There are a few ingredients that should be looked for when buying a cleansing mask for men. These are:

Kaolin – It is the extract from unique New Zealand clay that is known to absorb oil and grime from deep within the skin. Clay in itself is a great ingredient for deep cleansing. Kaolin clay rejuvenates the skin, heals rashes or blemishes and reduces inflammation as well. It is compatible with all skin types, and thus is a useful ingredient for cleansing masks.

Bentone gel – Yet another clay extract is the Bentone gel that is used in combination with kaolin, to make the mask more effective.

Manuka Honey – Women have used honey for beautification for centuries, but honey has made its mark in the skin-care regime of men as well. Manuka honey is a special kind of honey that acts as an antioxidant and helps to restore and revitalize even the toughest of skins, and thus is suitable for all kinds of skin.

Another ingredient that a few companies use to formulate their facial masks is Cynergy TK, a form of keratin that helps to boost elastin and collagen levels in the skin, and makes it look younger and more vibrant. It is especially effective for damaged skin that is caused by exposures to the sun or to harsh environmental elements.

Taking care of skin is as important in men as in women. However, if one is not sure of chemical or synthetic products, cleansing masks can also be prepared at home using simple ingredients found in the kitchen, such as eggs, bananas, honey and the like.

Cleansing masks for men available in the market are specially designed to work on the men’s skin, cleansing and purifying it from within. A number of cosmetics manufacturers have started to contain a men’s line for skin-care products – and deep-cleansing facial masks are a must for any such line. One of the most popular facial masks for men is the Xtendlife Deep Active Cleansing Mask. Priced at $26.35 dollar for a 50 ml tube, this cleansing mask has all the ingredients required for the effective cleansing and revitalizing of men’s skin. However, when buying cleansing masks, it is necessary to choose products are in accordance to the skin type and sensitivity, as something that works for one skin type may produce adverse effects on another.

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