Chlorella pyrenoidosa

Chlorella pyrenoidosa is a type of fresh waster green algae and is the richest source of chlorophyll on the earth. It is a unique substance found in all green plants and is sometimes called the blood of plant life. It has varieties of various elements which are vitamins and minerals. Besides, it is also high in enzymes and contains the whole vitamin B complex. This unique substance was not actually found until the nineteenth century as it an atomic element. The name cholerlla originally comes from a Greek word which means green and life and which in turn means small.

Chlorella pyrenoidosa is found as a single celled plant and is a type of eucaryotic cell algae. The size of this plan is about two to sight microns in diameter. For the growth of this plant there are certain environmental conditions which are preferable. First of all, the growth of chlorella actually multiples at an amazing rate in presence of pure water, clear air and sunlight. Although this alga grows in fresh water, recently it has been also grown in water pools but the sanitary conditions of the water pools need to be good. There are several stages of the reproduction of these algae which are known as broken cell wall preparations, unicellular green algae and also extracts of Chlorella pyrednodisoa.

Chlorella pyrenoidosa can be either taken orally or can be injected into the body. It has tremendous health benefits. First of all, it helps to increase the growth of the healthy tissues and also helps in healing. It also helps to strengthen the immune system of a body and protect it from virus, infection and cancer.

Chlorella is an excellent source of amino acids that is required by a body. Consequently, it contains the essential fatty acids that are used in various important biochemical functions like hormone balance. On the other hand, it also contains high levels of chlorophyll, beta-carotene and RNA/DNA. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals that are found in chlorella which includes iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, and several other types of essential vitamins.

The alga has been a very popular food supplement for year and has been used as an energy-producing food for centuries. Consequently, it also used to prevent and control the growth of the cancer in body. Nowadays it is also very effective for regulating the amount of cholesterol in the body.

Recently Chlorella pyrenoidosa is used as an addition supplement during radiation treatment for cancer. As it is rich in chlorophyll thus it can protect the body against ultraviolet radiation.
Chlorella is also very rich in fibrous materials that help to aid in digestion and also help to promote the growth of health bacteria in the gut. On the other hand, it can also reduce heart disease and high blood pressure. It also helps to refresh the breath by naturally eliminating the odor.

There are some important instructions patients can follow while taking supplements of Chlorella pyrenoidosa. Doctors usually recommend to start with 1 gram of five tablets a day. This can be taken with meals but is not really a necessity. Some people increase the amount of tablets per day when their health problem is very severe. In case of severe chronic health problems doctors usually recommend to take higher dosages. The amount of the dosage should be taken as required by the body. Lastly, it is better to take these supplements with water to get proper detoxification.

Chlorella has been the focus of many medical and scientific research projects. Many researchers have showed that it is also effective to control breast cancer. However, its main use is in cancer therapy which is to help remove radioactive particles from the body after radiation treatment. It is also advised that women should not take cholera supplements when they are pregnant or during the entire course of the breastfeeding period.

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