Cellulite removal

Cellulite can be seen on the cover of gossip magazines, trashy television shows on entertainment channels, and in family photos. Cellulite, unfortunately, is everywhere and it doesn’t discriminate—men are afflicted by cellulite just as easily as women. You can even find cellulite on the back of a skinny model’s thigh. Cellulite treatment is often sought after by even the most minor sufferer and unfortunately a real treatment is not often found.

Cellulite is normal fat, trapped inside of fat cells just like any other less visible fat. The difference is that the fat cells seen as cellulite are pushed up closer against the skin so they cause the peaks and valleys that create a dimpled, cottage cheese look to the skin’s surface. This is strictly a matter of genetics. If you are not predisposed to cellulite, you could gain 100 pounds and have smoother thighs than Paris Hilton. If you are predisposed to cellulite, you could be underweight and still have noticeable cellulite.

There are many different types of cellulite removal treatment. Some of the most popular are spa treatments that constrict the thighs, or any other cellulite afflicted area, and reduce water and toxin build up. These treatments are often called cellulite wraps. It is said that they have a temporary lessening effect on the appearance of cellulite. Treatments like these are given at spas and may also involve a topical herbal cream. Some of these spa treatments are also combined with a vibrating massage over the cellulite. This is supposed to break up the fat cells so that they can disappear deeper into the body and not be so noticeable right under the skin. Unfortunately, like many other cellulite treatments, this does not have any long lasting results and fat cells are not actually blasted, destroyed or otherwise altered during the process.

There are also many cellulite treatment options sold over the counter. These cellulite removal creams purport to have much the same effect as the spa wraps but at a fraction of the cost. Much like the hemorrhoid cream used by pageant contestants to reduce the look of cellulite on their thighs, these creams do temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. Some of these topical creams may sting or burn when applied and could contain herbal ingredients. Some others contain caffeine which is supposed to take some of the water out of the fat cells so that there is a less exaggerated dimpled appearance.

Yet another form of supposed cellulite treatment lies in surgical means. Liposuction, for many people is a highly sought cellulite treatment that actually removes fat cells permanently though surgery. Unfortunately, by its very nature, cellulite rests in an area that is not treated through liposuction, so if you had cellulite before surgery, you will still have it after surgery. It is possible that, far in the future, if lasers are able to be used for liposuction, that there could be a form of surgical fat cell removal that works closer to the skin. The way that they do liposuction now would cause extreme danger of puncture wounds if they attempt to remove fat to near skin.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much your primary care physician can do about your cellulite. He or she will probably not have any kind of prescription medication that works as a cellulite treatment although, he or she may recommend good old fashioned diet and exercise. If you decide to take an over the counter treatment or topical solution, let your primary care physician review the ingredients before you begin treatment. He or she can let you know if there are any potential dangers or allergens. If you take over the counter cellulite treatment and begin to notice a rash or any side effects, see your physician or dermatologist immediately.

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