Weight Loss

Best exercise to burn belly fat

There are several different types of exercise that one can do to lose weight and tone the body. However, you may be trying to target one particular area of the body. Everyone has a troublesome area that seems to take longer to get in shape than the rest of our body. When this happens you […]

How to lose thigh fat

Just exactly how to lose thigh fat is an enduring problem for women everywhere. Often, in their quest for the perfect body, women find that pesky fat seems to hang on in some unsightly places. These places include the stomach and buttocks, the backs of the arms and – sometimes most depressingly of all – […]

Tumescent liposuction

For years, liposuction has been the chosen way to lose excess fat for many men and women. Traditionally, liposuction involved a very invasive procedure in which fatty deposits were removed surgically. Patients would require many weeks of recovery after these procedures. Today however, there are a number of less invasive liposuction procedures that can be […]

Diuretics and weight loss

In today’s world, when so much emphasis is placed on being slim many people try to lose weight in any way that they can. This can include using diuretics to lose weight. Lots of people use natural diuretics in order to lose weight. Foods that are considered natural diuretics can be used safely and are […]

Healthy filling foods

When trying to lose weight you have to modify your diet severely in order to see great results. While changing your main meals is very important, it is also important to change what type of snacks and filler foods you are eating. Most people with weight problems are likely eating junk food and various unhealthy […]

Hoodia side effects

Hoodia Gordonii is a native cactus plant that grows in the Kalahari Desert and it is famous for being an appetite suppressant. The plant is used by native people to help maintain a sense of fullness. The native people have used it for years to help quell the feeling of hunger. Hoodia Gordonii is a […]

Female fat burner

You’ve seen the commercial. The cartoon stick figure man and woman, both with stick figure weight problems. The female stick figure talks about how her husband (the male stick figure) and she diet together and he loses weight and she doesn’t. His stick figure suddenly becomes more stick like, and hers stays the same- until […]

Anti-cellulite diet

A large percentage of the female population suffers from a terrible skin condition known as cellulite. Throughout the years, people have adopted different methods in order to cure or reduce the effects of cellulite in their body. However, one of the easiest approaches; known as an anti cellulite diet, has been completely overlooked. Scientific documentations […]

Grapefruit diet pills

The grapefruit diet has been around for over seventy years now and has shown tremendous success for most people that utilize it. Grapefruit diet pills are one variation of a grapefruit based diet which can be beneficial as well. But, this is a somewhat undiscovered diet method and it doesn’t have the extensive history that […]

Weight loss surgery costs

There’s no doubt about it, Americans are getting fatter while the ideal of beauty – for both men and women – is getting skinner. This is in part due to human nature. After all, in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, when few people had enough food to go around and everyone was skeletally thin, those […]


Contrave is a fairly new weight loss pill that uses Wellbutrin or Bupropion as well as Naltrexone to aid in weight loss. Originally, it was believed that Contrave worked in the stomach by blocking the appetite. It has been discovered however that the drug actually begins working in the bran to block the signals of […]

Lipotropic injections

Lipotropic injections are a unique weight loss method that should definitely be considered if you plan to use a product to assist you with a healthy weight loss. The product is a substance which assists in breaking down fat in your body so it is removed as waste. This is done as the injections will […]

Atkins diet

The Atkins diet is one of the most popular diet plans today. There are so many kinds of food that you can purchase for the Atkins diet plan; and in addition, there are meals that you can make yourself. More and more people prefer the Atkins diet to any other weight loss program. To succeed […]

Apidexin diet pills

Apidexin diet pills can help with extreme weight loss but whether they are as effective and healthy as they claim to be is still to be determined, as the information on these diet pills is limited. Apidexin diet pills are supposed to be capable helping you lose four to seven pounds per week as they […]


Empatic is a fairly new obesity medication or weight loss pill that is being developed by Orexigen Therapeutics. The manufacturer is a company that is already renowned for creating new medicines that combine numerous other medications that are used to treat other illnesses and conditions. Empatic combines two other medications that have already received FDA […]

Zone diet recipes

Dr. Barry Sears is the creator of the Zone Diet. It has different concepts than those of other mainstream diets. Another name is the 40-30-30 diet; 40% carbohydrate, 30% fat, and 30% protein; these percentages are in “the zone” for maximum calorie burning. Each meal should consist of foods in these proportions. The diet is […]

Gastric bypass complications

Severely obese people face an extreme battle when they decide to lose weight. Often, cutting calories has little affect on their weight, hormone imbalances impact their body’s ability to burn fat cells and exercise is a physical impossibility. Weight loss surgeries such as lap bands, stomach stapling and gastric bypass surgery is here to help. […]


Lorcaserin is a new weight loss drug that is currently in the final stages of clinical testing and awaiting FDA approval. Lorcaserin has been manufactured and developed by Arena pharmaceuticals and can best be described as a serotonin enhancing prescription drug. It is believed that if you are able to manipulate your serotonin levels, this […]

LipoFuze Review

LipoFuze has received some of the best reviews and testimonials online of all diet pills available. So far everyone that has used this product has had nothing but good to say about the results from it. The ingredients in LipoFuze are extremely strong and are actually proven to be able to help you lose weight […]

Cabbage soup diet

The Cabbage Soup Diet is another one of those fad diets that claims to result in rapid weight loss in 7 days time. The drawback? You should not stay on it for more than 7 days. Let’s think for a minute here: any diet that severely restricts calorie intake is going to lead to rapid […]

Qnexa diet pills

Our nation and developed nations around the world are ever seeking a way to lose weight but it often seems like such an elusive discovery. The weight loss industry is a multi billion dollar a year business. It encompasses just about any supplement you can think about, diets, special programs, exercise equipment and diet pills. […]

Prescription weight loss drugs

Diet pills are nothing new, they have been around for decades and there are always new ones coming out that put on an advertising blitz and convince millions into buying. But are they worth purchasing? That kind of depends on who the person is and what your goals are. There are also different types of […]

Possible new prescription diet pills

There are a number of possible new prescriptions that deal with obesity that could be passed by the FDA in the not too distant future. These medications have been worked on for a number of years and all seemingly fit the provisions the FDA requires. Obesity in developed nations is increasing and along with causing […]

Hoodia patch

If a patch can help you quit smoking, why not a patch to help you lose weight too? The makers of the much hyped Hoodia Patch certainly felt that this was a possibility. They have released a patch that promises a slow, steady release of the hoodia gordonii. The first consideration in buying any weight […]

Lap band surgery

Dealing with obesity can become a struggle that people deal with for years of their life. For some folks weight loss comes as a challenge and for others it can be achieved by the normal healthy diet and exercise routines. If you are one of the people that seemed to have tried everything and yet […]

Lean Cuisine Meals

Have you ever arrived home from work too late to start dinner or been too tired to even think about scrapping a meal together? These days, spending money on dinner is rarely the option of choice, so the next best thing is to put on your pajamas, turn on the television, pop an easy meal […]

Jillian Michaels Diet

Losing weight may be as simple as changing your diet and exercising regularly but you also have to remember the mental aspect as well. You have to have a lot of self-discipline in order to be able to lose weight and keep it off. There are various ways to keep you motivated such as setting […]

Chinese herbs for weight loss

If you are someone who has struggled with your weight, then you have probably tried any number of means to help you shed those pounds. One method that is not commonly known is the use of Chinese herbs for weight loss. Since Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years so it is only […]

Liquid diets to lose weight

Some people struggle daily to control their appetite and lose weight while it is an effortless task for others. Controlling how much food you eat can be very difficult for some people and it plagues their thoughts and is causes them great stress. Struggling to overcome food addictions is a hard thing to do. Some […]

Weight Watchers Points

It’s often difficult to find a weight loss plan that allows you the flexibility to eat what you want in moderation and still lose weight. Dieters are generally subjected to bad prepared foods, bars and shakes that are unsatisfying and unappetizing, or segregated food options that allow them to eat exclusively from only one food […]