Nutritional Information

Casein hydrolysate

The majority of people who exercise on a regular basis are more than aware of the importance of post workout nutrition. By consuming post workout protein you are able to build your muscles and improve your overall performance. Additionally, this is a fantastic way to maintain a positive nitrogen balance inside the body. The importance […]

Protein drinks

Protein is an important component of the human body. It is an organic compound and is the key element in the construction and repairing body tissues. Our body needs protein to make hormones, enzymes, and other chemical compounds. Protein is also necessary to maintain healthy hair and nails, and is a building block for bones, […]

Nutrients in bananas

Bananas are a year round fruit that you can find in a supermarket any day of the week, in just about any part of the country. They are cultivated throughout the tropics and exported to other places in the world. In the culinary world and world of consumption, bananas are classified as dessert bananas, which […]

Potassium deficiency symptoms

Potassium deficiency or hypokalemia can have many causes and the results may be different in different people. Not everyone will react to a potassium deficiency the same way. It is important to understand however that a severe deficiency can cause long term health problems.  Just the slightest lack of potassium in your daily diet can […]

Vegetable protein vs. Animal protein

Vegetable protein vs. animal protein. Incomplete protein vs. complete protein. Low fat vs. higher fat. Delicious vs. delicious. Healthy vs. healthy. Gosh, what a dilemma! As you can see, choosing between vegetable protein and animal protein isn’t as easy as it may seem (unless you’re a vegetarian of course!). Each type offers its own variety […]

Calcium undecylenate

Calcium contributes to 1.5% of the weight in the human body. The bones and the teeth consist of most of the calcium in the body, with only very little existing in the fluids of the body. The latter property of its, is what transports it to recovering sites which require calcium. Upon reaching the sites, […]

Elderberry juice concentrate

Humans have a natural inclination to try to heal the sick – our ability to treat illnesses in ourselves and others has contributed in no small way to our success as a species. Why we would do this is no mystery – on the altruistic side, we empathize with each other, we care about each […]

Nutrients in grapes

A bunch of grapes translates, in the nutrition world, to a bunch of goodness. The nutrients that grapes provide are quite the opposite of few and far between; they are many and close to over-flowing! There are red, green, and black varieties of grapes to choose from. Grapes are a very versatile fruit; try them […]

Essential nutrients for the body

There is no doubt that certain vitamins and nutrients are absolutely essential in order for your body to function correctly, making it extremely important for you to look into what you should be doing to make sure that you get everything you need to stay as healthy as possible. There are water-soluble nutrients which basically […]

Honey health benefits

Besides the fact that honey is a naturally sweet and delicious treat, it brings to the table, and the body, a whole lot more. Honey has been used for hundreds of years to heal wounds and treat ailments; today, it is still used as a natural health booster. It is a pure and natural form […]

Soy protein shakes

There are many protein shakes and snack foods on the market that are made of soy. These items are designed to be used as meal replacement items in a diet or weight loss program. These items have become increasingly popular due to their convenience, cost, and ease of use. Soy protein shakes come in a […]

Muscle supplements for men

Let us just face it – sometimes nature just does not feel like bestowing us with the perfect body. For some its bulging layers of fat, and for some its rib-showing scrawniness. There’s a rise in the social expectations regarding skin-deep presentation. However a perfect body is not that hard to reach. However it is […]

Malted milk powder

Malted milk powder is made via a combination of non-diastatic malt flour (although it is occasionally produced in diastatic form), wheat flour and powdered milk. You will typically find that all these ingredients will be evaporated and therefore this gives the powder an extremely fine appearance. This, of course, allows it to be easily absorbed […]

Antioxidants: How they work

Antioxidants are very powerful substances that work for the body in a very beneficial way. To name a few ways, they slow the aging process, boost the immune system, and help fight off some diseases. But how on earth do they do that? Well here’s the scoop: all about antioxidants. What are Antioxidants Anti, meaning […]

Supplements for runners

Running is a tough sport; it calls for agility, endurance, competitiveness, motivation, and continuous improvement. That’s quite the list and it takes quite the nutrition to get one through it. When it comes to running in competitions, taking it up to the next notch is not only strived for, but required to make it to […]

Nutrients in corn

Corn on the cob is the one vegetable that will undeniably remind you of summertime. Hot summer days are magnificently topped off with this sweet vegetable side dish. Driving through the country side and rural areas, you can see field upon field of corn stalks; this alone can make your mouth water. Although corn can […]

Soy protein isolate

Soy protein isolate, as the name implies, is the soy protein with the highest concentration of protein; the minimum content of protein is 90%. It is highly refined and purified. Soy protein isolate is made from defatted soy flour that has had most of the non-protein components—fats and carbohydrates—removed. It has a very neutral flavor […]

Potassium pills

Potassium is a mineral element and electrolyte that plays a crucial role in the body. As a mineral it is essential for proper functioning of cells, tissues, and organs; as an electrolyte, it conducts electric currents throughout the body along with sodium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium. Potassium is very commonly taken in through the diet […]

Vegan protein powder

Protein is crucial to the good heath of the human body. It is the body building component for bones, skin, cartilage, blood, and lean muscle tissue. Protein helps to construct and repair body tissues, and is also responsible to maintain healthy hair and nails. The human body requires protein to produce enzyme, hormones, and many […]

Hemp protein

When you think of hemp, it is probable that one of two scenarios come to mind. The first and most immediate thought is probably of that cannabis plant that hemp is made out of and which people like to smoke. The second thought most likely involves hippies wearing clothing made out of hemp and selling […]

Epidermal growth factor

Epidermal growth factor (EGF) is a crucial role player in cell growth, proliferation, and differentiation by binding to its specific receptor, EGFR. EGF is a protein with 53 amino acids and three intramolecular disulfide bonds. So what do these utterly scientific descriptions mean? Basically, EGF is essential for the reproduction and survival of certain human […]

Royal jelly

Royal jelly, while less popular than bee pollen, has become a very well known and talked about health product in the last few years. Royal jelly is produced by the young nurse bees and is created to be used as larva food. Royal jelly is secreted from the young nurse bee’s glands located in the […]

Nutrients in spinach

Spinach. Probably reminds you of Pop-eye, huh? Eat your spinach and you’ll have big, popping muscles: that’s the message that’s been pounded into your head, starting as a youngster. At the same time, many people, especially children, don’t like the taste of this dark green vegetable any more than adults would enjoy taking a bite […]

Low sodium symptoms

These days, sodium has a pretty bad reputation because it is the culprit of high blood pressure. Many people are buying low- or reduced-sodium goods to reduce intake, which is not all in all a bad thing (there’s always a ‘but’)…BUT sodium (an electrolyte) plays very important roles in the body: it is essential for […]

Bodybuilding diet

There are so many different types of diets on the internet, and it’s hard to trudge through the quackery and land on a solid and healthy eating plan. When you have to be extra careful about what you eat, for whatever reason, you may run into diet after diet, and still not find the best […]

L-arginine supplements

In general terms, your body is a very efficient mechanism. For the most part, it knows how to create the elements it needs in order to keep you functioning. The heart knows how to beat and spread blood and oxygen around your body, your organs know how to use this blood and oxygen to stay […]

Soy formula for infants

Breastfeeding is the perfect nutritional choice to nurture your baby. However, in some cases or for some babies, supplemental or alternative nutrition formulas are necessary. A soy formula for babies is a food product that is designed to meet the nutritional needs of an infant that is under one years of age. Soy formula for […]

Creatine monohydrate

Creatine was first discovered in 1832 by a French scientist. However it took almost another hundred years before the next wave of scientists discovered that in excess of 95% of creatine is stored in muscle tissue. Even though creatine and its effects were well-known for quite some time, it wasn’t until the Barcelona Olympic Games […]

Most nutritious fruits

The term “most nutritious fruits” probably seems a little strange, since we’ve been told that all fruits are good for us. Actually, that is an absolutely correct statement. However, there are fruits that provide more nutritious properties because of the specific vitamins and minerals present in them; along with all these nutrients are wonderful health […]

Sodium deficiency symptoms

Sodium is an electrolyte that helps the body to maintain the balance of fluid. Most of the sodium in your body is in your bones and the extracellular fluids. Cells pump out sodium and pump potassium. Without this process the water levels in cells would accumulate and cause the cells to swell and possibly burst. […]