Neurological Disorders

Lower back pain

Lower back pain is incredibly common in the human population. An estimated 80% of people will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their life. That means that if you think of ten people you know, eight of them will at some point experience the discomfort and inconvenience of lower back pain. Lower […]

Viral meningitis

Viral meningitis is a fairly common condition throughout many areas of the world. It’s rarely a terribly serious condition, especially with modern medicine advancements, although there is no specific cure. It’s caused by an infection in the fluid of the spinal cord, as well as the fluid that surrounds the brain. It’s caused by a […]

Parkinson’s disease prognosis

When dopamine in the brain gradually deteriorates it triggers the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The symptoms start to show up when the brain suffers a loss of 8% dopaminergic neurons. There has been no treatment or cure discovered so far to stop the advancement of Parkinson’s disease. However, symptoms of PD such as tremors, depression, […]

Dyspraxia treatment

There are many neurological disorders that can be faced by you or members of your family. One of the least often discussed is a disorder called dyspraxia. Dyspraxia usually affects children, and it is not always something they can grow out of. A motor coordination disorder, dyspraxia makes it difficult for a child or an […]

Spinal meningitis

Perhaps you have heard the horror stories about spinal meningitis. A mother drops her son off for his first year at college. He has a great time in his freshman dorm, going to class, attending frat parties, and making the new and worldly friends that always seem to come along with college. Then one night […]

ALS symptoms

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease – is a neurological disease which attacks the motor neurons causing irrevocable damage in the ability to control voluntary muscle movement of the body. It progresses differently amongst individual patients, but has shown a common trait recently – indicating a rapid increase in the degeneration […]

Neurofibromatosis treatment

Did you know that your body houses a complex system of communication with many moving parts? Well, it does and that system is also called your nervous system. Your nervous system made up of three sets of tissues. One set carries information from your sense into your brain, another set takes that information and interprets […]

Huntington’s chorea

The importance on how the illness is passed on from parent to child is decoded by the name of the disease -“Hereditary chorea”. Over time the symptoms of the disease degenerates which is highlighted by its other name- “Chronic progressive chorea”. In recent days, Huntington’s disease or HD is generally used by physicians. This fundamental […]

Brachial plexus injury

Occasionally during the birth of a baby the shoulders will be caught behind the pelvis of the mother as the baby moves down the birth canal. This is creates a medical emergency called dystocia. When this happen a doctor will need to intervene and try to dislodge the shoulders and may use forceps. During attempts […]

Essential tremors

It is the rare person who doesn’t remember legendary film actress Katharine Hepburn. Whether it is from her movies with Spencer Tracy, or her hit with Peter Fonda On Golden Pond, chances are you have seen and fondly remember something that she has been in. While you will remember her distinctive voice and proud chin […]

Sciatica pain relief

Sciatica refers to pain that is caused due to pressure on the sciatic nerve often caused by a herniated or ruptured disc. This nerve rises from nerve roots at the end of the spinal cord. The pain usually radiates down the lower back and buttocks to the legs and feet. Pain is accompanied by weakness, […]

Signs of a mini stroke

A mini stroke or a TIA (transient ischemic attack) is a brief period in which there is not enough blood flow to the brain. It is important that nearly twenty percent of people who experience a mini stroke or TIA will likely progress to a major stroke sometime within the next three months. The problem […]

Autism signs

When beginning a family, most parents hope for a healthy child. In the case of autism, most newborns appear perfectly healthy and normal. Autism is a congenital disorder, meaning it is present at birth but it is difficult to diagnose during infancy; it usually becomes more apparent during the toddler stage. When the child does […]

Seizure symptoms

A seizure is a sporadic movement caused by a quick change in the brain’s electrical functioning in the cortex. A seizure is sudden and scary for people witnessing the action. Most people experience a blackout and wake up on the ground with no recollection of the seizure. A seizure has a warning sign often called […]

Ocular migraine

Headaches of all kinds can be painful. There are many types of headaches that one can suffer from and migraines are one of them. However, migraines have their own classification and there can also be different types of migraines that one can experience as well. When most people hear the word migraine they often think […]

Parkinson’s disease treatment

When eighties television star Michael J. Fox announced he had Parkinson’s Disease, the television watching community was in shock. His hit show, Spin City, was still a raging success and Fox, an experienced actor, showed no symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. It is easy to understand the shock of the viewers. After all, the vision in […]

Upper back pain

While upper back pain is not as common as lower back problems, it can be a source of discomfort for quite a few people. If you are someone who suffers from upper back problems, then there are a few things you might want to know about this condition so that you can get the source […]

What causes headaches

Headaches can range from mild to very severe. They can even be debilitating. There are several types of headaches that will be discussed here as well as the causes for each type. Treatment for headaches depends on the type of headache involved. Tension headaches are the most common headaches that are experienced by those who […]

Vestibular migraine

A vestibular migraine is a rare type of migraine headache that involves the vestibule which is a part of the inner ear. The inner ear helps us to keep our balance so when a person is having a vestibular migraine will also have symptoms of. In the United States there are about 28 million people […]

Tardive dyskinesia

The side effects and functions of psychiatric drugs are often little known or understood, presenting something of a problem for society as more and more people find themselves proscribed a wide variety of drugs. These drugs can be very useful, allowing people who once would have had no place in mainstream society to function and […]

Epilepsy symptoms

Epilepsy is a disorder which is described with the help of a behavioral pattern which repeats itself every now and then, without a set time interval. These patterns are known as seizures and this condition branches out to include a number of categories. The most common epilepsy symptoms are generalized tonic seizures, auras, absence seizures […]

Sensory integration disorder

A common disorder that children have nowadays is called Sensory Integration Disorder or SID. Parents of children who have Sensory Integration Disorder are relieved to find out that with the right treatment and information their child can learn how to manage themselves effectively and continue to live peacefully at home with the rest of the […]

Meningitis symptoms

Spinal meningitis is a disease that develops when the protective membrane covering the brain become inflamed because of bacteria or viruses. In rare instances a person can get meningitis from certain drugs, head injuries and cancer. Before meningitis is treated the exact cause of it must be discovered so the appropriate treatment can be given. […]

Alzheimer’s stages

Alzheimer’s disease is a diagnosis that strikes fear in the hearts of most people. The older we get, the more frightened we often become when we forget something or perhaps absent-mindedly put something in the wrong place. While we all experience a certain amount of forgetfulness or absent-mindedness, these symptoms are also part of the […]

Multiple sclerosis symptoms

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a debilitating illness that effects numerous people a year. It’s known to hamper the daily activities of those that it effects, damaging the myelin sheaths that are found around the brain and the spinal cord. Unfortunately, the disease is something that has an onset in young adults, and it is mostly […]


Autism is a very serious medical issue which can affect a child at some point during his childhood and can lead to permanent medical conditions as well. It may start to develop from birth but it is possible to begin development as late as thirty months after birth. While a child suffering from autism may […]

Cerebral palsy causes

Cerebral palsy is a collection of different chronic conditions that affect muscle coordination and how the body moves. The condition is the result of brain damage, the cerebral part of the name, while the palsy part of the condition comes from the fact that the muscles and movement are affected. In children, this may result […]

Sciatica symptoms

Sciatica symptoms can vary from person to person depending on what the cause is. Sciatica can be caused by anything from a herniated disc, spinal stenosis or narrowing of the spine. Some people who will have sciatic symptoms when they have Piriformis Syndrome. This is a condition where the nerves run through the person’s muscles […]

Optical migraines symptoms

Optical migraines, also called vascular headaches, are incredibly painful. Those who suffer from optical migraines know that, unfortunately, the exact cause is still unknown. However, studies have suggested that the blood vessels found in the head are connected to optical migraines in some form. If you suffer from optical migraines, you may experience a number […]

Williams syndrome

The number of conditions, diseases, syndromes and medical maladies out there at any given time can seem overwhelming. Should we worry about bird flu swine flu? SARS or small pox? Fortunately for most people, they will never come into contact with the majority of identified medical conditions. And it is a credit to our fine […]