Cardiovascular Disorders

Blocked arteries symptoms

While most people look into heart attack symptoms, many do not know about the symptoms of a blocked artery. This is a condition which is just as serious as a heart attack as it is life threatening and can lead to other possibly fatal health issues as well. If you want to prevent a blocked […]

Causes of high triglycerides

Blood pressure and cholesterol aren’t the only things that need to be paid attention to in regards to heart health; triglycerides should also be in that category. Triglycerides are a type of fat found in the blood that the body uses for energy; they are the main storage type of fat in the body.  When […]

HDL booster

When thinking about cholesterol, people often assume that lowering the bad cholesterol is the best, or only, option. Try this for a change: instead of looking at the negative, focus on the positive. There are two important kinds of cholesterol (for nutrition’s sake), LDL (bad) cholesterol and HDL (good) cholesterol. HDL is the archenemy of […]

Cholesterol screening test

If you have an upcoming cholesterol screening test then you may want to know exactly how it works, what is discovered, and what to expect when you go in for the test. Cholesterol screening tests are not uncommon but most people do not know exactly what they are and how they work. Most people will […]


Your heart is, by far, the most important muscle in your body. The heart muscle has two specific movements that it completes. The first is a constriction or squeezing and the second is a relaxation. As it beats (or pumps) the heart takes in blood and oxygen from your organs and sends out fresh blood […]

Heart attack symptoms

One of the many ways that heart disease manifests itself is in the form of a myocardial infarction, which is also referred to as a heart attack. The heart is a muscle and in order to pump consistently and keep the rest of your body functioning, it must have blood and oxygen. A heart attack […]

Abdominal aortic aneurysm

In order to understand what an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is and the implications, it is essential to know about the structure and function of the aorta. The aorta transports oxygenated blood from our heart to rest of our body parts. The aorta runs starting from the chest and ends into the abdomen. At the […]

Atherosclerosis prevention

The arteries in your body are responsible for carrying blood from your heart to your organs and feeding your body with oxygen. Should this flow be interrupted or slowed, then you risk not only overtaxing your heart, but your organs are at risk for failure. In the case of atherosclerosis, this is exactly what happens. […]

Symptoms of high cholesterol

Cholesterol is a substance that is made naturally by our bodies. It is a fatlike substance with a waxy texture and is necessary for healthy functioning of the body. The body needs cholesterol to produce hormones throughout the body, as well as producing vitamin D and bile acids used to digest fat in our diets. […]

Heart attack risk factors

Heart attack risk factors are the habits and conditions that increase the risk of suffering a heart attack or other heart diseases. Existing heart diseases may also worsen with the presence of these risk factors. There are several such known risk factors some of which can be controlled and some cannot. Some of the controllable […]

Intracranial hypertension

Intracranial hypertension literally means too much fluid in the skull. In the skull, a layer of cerebrospinal fluid surrounds the brain to cushion it against movement and impact. With intracranial hypertension, this fluid becomes under pressure because there is too much in the skull, and bone cannot expand. There is too much fluid in a […]

Causes of high blood pressure

As the heart pumps blood around the body, the blood exerts a force on the walls of the arteries and other blood vessels as it flows through them. This pressure is known as the blood pressure. The normal level of blood pressure for an individual is having a high of 120 mmHg and a low […]

Lymphedema therapy

Lymphedema is a disease which occurs when the soft tissues of the body start to swell because of fluids starting to collect in the gaps in and between cells. This disease occurs more frequently in the arms and legs of individuals though it can sometimes be noticed in other areas such as the abdomen, neck […]

Low cholesterol symptoms

We have all heard about how bad high cholesterol is for our body but most people do not think about what could happen if our cholesterol levels were actually too low. Know one really ever talks about having really low cholesterol because all the focus has been on preventing high cholesterol. Believe it or not […]

High blood pressure diet plan

High blood pressure is known as the silent killer. It is known as such due to the fact that many people never know they have the disease until they have a severe complication of it. High blood pressure affects over 72 million adults in the United States on average. That means that on average every […]

Ischemic heart disease

Ischemic heart disease is known to a lot of people as coronary artery disease. It is a condition characterized by deposit of fatty acids that are accumulated in the wall lining of the coronary arteries. This can interrupt the flow of blood supply when fatty deposits eventually build up around the two main coronary arteries. […]

Ventricular tachycardia

Ventricular tachycardia is the term for a fast heart rate that begins in the ventricles, the lower section of the heart. It leads to a fast yet regular heart rhythm. However, it can lead to ventricular fibrillation, which is a fast yet irregular heart beat. With this, the heart may beat so quickly and irregularly […]

Coronary atherosclerosis

Coronary atherosclerosis is a type of atherosclerosis that involves a build up of plaque on the lining of the arteries. Plaque is a waxy type substance that can be fatty deposits, fibrin, calcium and the products of cellular waste. This process causes the walls of the arteries to thicken and become less pliable. The blood […]

Cardiovascular exercise

The human cardiovascular system is also called the human circulatory system. The main components of the cardiovascular system are the heart, blood and the blood vessels. The heart pumps the blood while the blood vessels carry and deliver the blood throughout the body. Veins are blood vessels that carry blood towards the heart. Except the […]

Heart attack prevention

Although there are many ways to prevent heart disease, there are also several health patterns that can increase someone’s risk. In the past, heart disease was the number one killer of adults over the age of 50, but thanks to medical research and people taking better care of themselves, heart disease is less deadly than […]

Muscle spasms

This is a very common issue that many people face. Muscle spasms do not discriminate to age or gender so just about anyone can be affected by them. Depending on your situation, muscle spasms may or not may be a serious issue. It may just be a minor pain that occurs irregularly but it could […]

Coronary heart disease symptoms

The coronary arteries are the main blood vessels that bring oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the heart. However, these arteries can become diseased, blocked, or damaged over time or because of specific conditions. When this occurs, the umbrella term for any type of damage or other issue with the coronary arteries is coronary heart disease. […]

Mitral valve prolapse

It is extremely common knowledge that heart disease is one of the major killers of men and women after a certain age in the United States. But did you know that heart disease is a term that is used to talk about a number of problems within the heart, and that when someone suffers what […]

White coat syndrome

A lot of attention is paid to the now well known syndrome called Munchhausen or Munchhausen by proxy. Munchhausen syndrome is when a person makes themselves sick in order to get attention from medical professionals. Munchhausen by proxy is when that person gets someone else sick, like their spouse or child, through poisoning or other […]

Atrial fibrillation treatment

Atrial fibrillation is a type of arrhythmia; in fact, it is the most common type. It affects about two million people in the United States alone, most of whom are elderly. In someone with atrial fibrillation, the electrical signals that fire off in the atrial, or upper, chambers of the heart are not regular. These […]

Temporal arteritis

Temporal arteritis causes inflammation inside some of your arteries. This causes large cells to be developed in the wall of these infected arteries, hence its alternative name Giant Cell Arteritis. If you do have this condition, treatment needs to be started immediately as the outcome could be serious if left untreated. Symptoms The symptoms of […]

Systolic blood pressure

Many people understand that blood pressure is very important, especially if it is high. Blood pressure is, basically, the amount of pressure that blood puts on the walls of the blood vessels it moves through. There are two pressures that are measured when someone takes a blood pressure reading: the first is the systolic blood […]

Pulmonary stenosis

Pulmonary stenosis is a narrowing of the pulmonary valve in the heart. This causes the right ventricle to have to pump harder in order to get enough blood past the narrow blockage for the body to function. Without the pulmonary valve opening to its full potential, the blood flow from the right ventricle to the […]

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy causes

Many people may not know that there are a number of different afflicts that can directly affect their heart. One of these, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, is a disease that takes place within the heart’s muscle and causes the lining of this muscle to thicken without any known cause or origin. In fact, this problem is one […]

Low blood pressure signs

We often hear about how bad having high blood pressure is, and for many of us, one of our dietary and heath goals is to lower our blood pressure before it becomes a problem. However, it is possible to lower it too much or to have a condition that causes low blood pressure, also called […]