Candida treatment for men

Believe it or not, that yeast you use to make bread and other baked goods as well as to ferment your alcohol is actually a fungus. Yeast in itself is an overly simplified term used to discuss many different uni-cellular sub species. In fact there are 1,500 different species of yeast in the world. The yeast used for cooking and alcohol is part of the saccharomyces sub species and is safe for ingestion.

One type of yeast, candida albicans, is a type of yeast that can cause an infection in the already weakened immune system of a host—in this case, a human. These infections, often called yeast infections or thrush, can affect the entire body of its host, or just certain areas like the genitals or mouth. While you may think this only affects women, the sad truth is that candida can affect men just as easily. Once you think you have a yeast infection (or candida) the first thing you want to do is cure it. But before you get candida treatment for men, you must make sure that you have it.

Causes of Candida in Men
Candida can be caused by many things. Poor eating habits that weaken your immune system or that provide a feeding ground for candida yeast, poor hygiene and wetness in the genital region that provides the perfect conditions for candida to grow, and having sexual intercourse with someone who has the infection can all lead to you having this infection and cn lead to you seeking candida treatment for men.

Symptoms of Candida in Men
Only your primary care physician can tell you for sure whether or not your symptoms are caused by candida. You should see him or her immediately if you notice a rash or feel an itchy sensation on the head or shaft of your penis; if you see any small reddish blisters or if you note any soreness; if you have an odd, clumpy substance issuing from your penis or if you have a rash in your groin and anal region that seems to spread and itches.

Of course, these symptoms can signify other illnesses, and that is why a visit to your doctor is so important. If you have been sexually intimate with anyone who you know has a yeast infection or exhibited these symptoms, be sure to let your physician know that.

Candida Treatment for Men

The first step in successful candida treatment for men is to keep the infected area clean and dry. This will help to interrupt those perfect breeding grounds that the yeast has been enjoying. Next, to actually cure the infection, prescription medication may be necessary. Prescription medications are antifungals that will work with your immune system to fight the yeast fungus and clear your system of it. To help your system in its fight, be sure to improve your eating habits. Stay away from sugars and simple carbohydrates. Instead, enjoy lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you do not like the idea of taking a prescription medication to cure your infection, then you might consider herbal remedies. Unfortunately, there is no definitive proof that they work so if you do not see your herbal candida treatment for men having any success after a few weeks of treatment, see your physician to get some prescription medications. Herbal candida treatment for men consists of items like tea tree oil, which would be used as a topical ointment and applied directly to your rash, garlic applied directly to the infected region, or various mixtures of lemon, yogurt and gentian violets. While it is likely none of these natural remedies will actually harm you, you should still check with your primary care physician before applying them.

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