Calcium hydroxyapatite

Calcium is necessary for healthy bones. For calcium to be absorbed properly you need certain other minerals as well like magnesium and phosphorus. When calcium is not absorbed adequately it can result in osteoporosis, cramps, bone fractures, colitis, brittle nails, dental problems, buxism and insomnia. The type of calcium on the market today that is the most absorbable form is calcium hydroxyapatite (HA). This is a microcrystalline form of which also includes phosphorus in ratios equivalent to that formed by the body. If you have osteoporosis or other degenerative diseases that cause bone loss this is the best form of calcium you can take. Calcium hydroxyapatite has been proven to prevent bone loss in clinical tests.

Hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring mineral in human bones. You find it in the enamel on teeth. Hydroxypatite is also found in nature in rocks and sea coral. It has a brown, yellow or green color to it when found in nature. When hydroxpatite is powdered it is usually white. This mineral was first used a lot for dental implants and is now also being used for other medical implants as well. When used for implants it is coated with titanium, titanium alloys, or stainless steel. The reason it is used for implants is because it integrates into bone structures easily and helps support natural bone growth.
It has also been made into a spreadable paste for bone repair as well.

When calcium hydroxypatite supplements are taken it can also help to build up a reserve
of potassium, magnesium, boron, zinc, chromium and silica which are also included in these supplements and very much needed for bone health. Chondroitin is also included. It is an important ingredient that helps to facilitate the transfer of mineral in the bones.

Calcium hydroxyapaptite supplements are sold as a gelatin capsule which gives a quick release of the calcium once taken. This is a much better way to take calcium than taking it in a compacted solid tablet form. Many people have trouble digesting tablets when they get older. The result is that a hard tablet can pass through the digestive tract before it can be dissolved. When this happens the person is not getting the calcium they think they are getting. That is not the case when you take calcium hydroxyapaptite.

One study that compared people taking calcium hyroxyapatite with a control group of people taking calcium gluconate over a 14 month period showed that the control group lost a significant amount of cortical bone. The people taking calcium hydroxyapatite were able to gain cortical bone. Women who have gone through menopause lose bone density naturally but if they take calcium supplements they can slow down the bone loss. Calcium Hydroxyapatite can also produce a better absorption of the calcium in bones for these women.

Calcium hydroxyapatite is derived from freezed-dried young bovine bone. No heat is used during processing. The way that it is manufactured makes it able to maintain the natural bone matrix, including proteins and glycosaminoglycans. It also helps to maintain the ratios found in nature. Various brands for this supplement are on the market now. You can buy it in local health food stores or online. Some of the well known brands for calcium hydroxyapatite are Solray and Now. Taking calcium hydroxyapatite supplements can help your bones to withstand hard impact during exercise such as when jogging. Women and men both need calcium for healthy bones. Women who have reached the age of menopause should take some form of calcium supplement on a daily basis. If you are not sure if you should be taking this form of calcium you can get advise from your doctor.

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