Breast cancer symptoms

If you are like many women, you might be worried about the possibility of breast cancer. If so, then you might wonder what breast cancer symptoms you might be experiencing if you are coming down with the disease. The fact is that knowing what the breast cancer symptoms are will help you to make sure that you catch the cancer before it grows into an even bigger problem, and in the end could help to save your life if you are able to catch it early enough. Most women who go to the doctor for their yearly well-woman check will notice that their doctor will probe their breasts looking for problems. You can perform checks on yourself to look for any abnormalities, and this is also an important step for men to realize also as they can be at risk for breast cancer as well. While it is less common that a man will be affected with breast cancer, they can come down with the disease, and this means that it is just as important for them to know and understand these breast cancer symptoms.

There are a lot of lumps in the breasts that are not cancerous, so just because you find a lump it does not necessarily mean that you have breast cancer. However, if you do find a growth in your breast tissue you will need to get it checked out because a painless lump could still be a breast cancer symptom. One of the most concerning breast cancer symptoms that can appear is the discharge of a clear or bloody substance from your nipple. Usually this symptom occurs in conjunction with the appearance of a lump, so if you have a combination of these two things you will want to make sure that you see a doctor immediately to get it checked out.

Another of the breast cancer symptoms that can be an indication of a larger problem is when your nipples become indented. If you find that your nipples have started to retract or indent rather than stick out, then this is a breast cancer symptom that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. You may not have noticed the lump yet, but there could be one that might be found by a preventative screening.

If you see that your breasts have changed in size or that they do not appear to be of the same contour as they usually are, this is another important breast cancer symptom. While age will obviously cause your breasts to change over time you will want to make sure that if you see any changes that might be out of the ordinary that you go ahead and get it checked. This change might not be just an obvious lump on the outside of the breast, but it could also include a flattening or indentation in the skin that is over the breast.

While the skin is technically a separate organ in the body it can change if you are affected with breast cancer, and can often be a reliable breast cancer symptom. The change that you might see is somewhat dramatic and it will cause redness, irritation, and pitting in the skin of the breast. Many have compared this change in their flesh to resemble the skin of an orange.

Make sure that you keep on top of all of these potential breast cancer symptoms so that you can get treatment as soon as possible. Remember that while there is no prevention for cancer, knowledge and preventative measures are the best way we have to make sure that they can become a survivor of this deadly problem.

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