Breast cancer prevention

The fear of getting or having breast cancer can be overwhelming. Most women have either known someone who has had breast cancer or has at least heard of cases of women that have. All types of cancer are scary and can show up unexpectedly. The actual cause of breast cancer is not yet known so a cure has not yet been invented. However, there may be a few things that you can do that may make a difference when it comes to preventing breast cancer.

First and most importantly you need to see a doctor regularly. It is extremely important to get a check up every year. It is also important to get your mammograms. A lot of women hate the procedure but this procedure could very well save your life. Also you need to be familiar with your breasts. I know most women do not take the time to feel their breasts often but you need to know what they feel like. Get to know the density, shape, size and the feel of your breasts, this way if you ever feel anything out of the ordinary you will be able to tell the doctor right away. Do regular breast exams at home. Feel your breasts often as well as your lymph nodes located in your armpits. If these swell you could have an infection or the beginning of cancer in your breast.

When it comes to preventing any type of illness it is important to stay as healthy as we possibly can. This includes many lifestyle factors. How we treat our body is crucial. For starters, avoid things that are bad for your body. We all know what is really bad for us and what is healthy. Unfortunately a lot of people ignore their gut instinct and continue polluting themselves with toxins and harmful substances. This can be in the form of air pollutants, cigarette smoking, or the foods we allow to enter our bodies.

Try to stay away from places that are filled with pollutants in the air. We all know that it is impossible to stay away from all pollution but take steps to work in a place that is not harmful to your health. Also if you smoke, you need to quit. Smoking weakens the body and suffocates cells from oxygen. Without healthy cells we cannot have a healthy body. Another thing to pay attention to is what you are eating. We eat so many fats, sugars, salts, alcohols and other things that are bad for us. The meats and dairy products that we consume are pumped full of hormones and chemicals, therefore it is important to eat only organic and hormone free foods or stop eating them all together. Be sure to stay away from too many processed foods. The more natural the foods the healthier they are and the more nutrients we will receive from them. It may not sound like a big deal but to keep our bodies as healthy as possible it is important that we provide it with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to ward off disease and infection.

Also make sure you exercise regularly. Regular exercise can help build a strong and healthy immune system. It also helps make sure we stay at an appropriate body weight. Woman who are overweight have a higher chance of developing breast cancer. If you are overweight, take the steps now to become a healthy weight and to stay active. This can help you with many aspects of your life, not only in cancer prevention.

Other factors to consider, exposure to estrogen hormones can contribute to breast cancer. If taking any form of estrogen you may need to be cautious. Also having children at a younger age can offer benefits. Women who have children before the age of 30 are at a much lower risk of developing breast cancer, as are women who breastfeed their babies. Remember, there is never a guarantee that you will not develop any form of cancer, so be sure to see your doctor for your checkups regularly. Catching cancer in the beginning stages offers the best chance of survival.

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    Breast cancer usually attacks women who are not breast-feed her own child and can also attack the women who delayed childbirth

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