Brain cancer prevention

Everyone knows that brain cancer can be a very scary disease. Although the cause of primary brain tumors and brain cancer is not known, often people want to know what they can do to prevent brain cancer from developing in their future. Primary brain tumors are tumors that develop in the brain without any other form of cancer being present in the body. Secondary brain tumors arise when cancer has invades another part of the body and has spread to the brain.

As with all forms of cancer and illness, the best thing you can do is stay as healthy as you possibly can. In order to prevent a secondary brain tumor, one must avoid getting cancer in other parts of the body. This may sound easier said than done but there are ways of lessoning your chances for developing cancer in other parts of the body. By not smoking you can lesson your chance of getting lung cancer. By doing self breast exams and getting mammograms performed regularly you can lesson your chances of having breast cancer spread throughout your body. By eating a low-fat and high fiber diet you can lesson your chances of developing intestinal and stomach cancers. By limiting your alcohol intake you can help prevent liver cancer and by using sunscreen and staying protected outdoors you can lesson your chance of developing skin cancer.

By eating a nutritional diet full of vitamins and minerals you can also provide your body with as much nutrients as possible. Every part of our body works best when provided with good food and anti-oxidants. By eating plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole-grains and healthy proteins you can be well on your way to giving your body what it needs to maintain healthy organ functioning. If you do not already, start taking a multivitamin each day to ensure you are getting the proper dose of healthy ingredients in order to fight disease and illness. You should start cutting out sugars, sodium and unhealthy fats from your diet. All of these cause more damage to your body and can cause unwanted illness as a side effect. Make sure to drink plenty of water and exercise regularly to stay in the best physical shape you can. Studies have shown that those who are overweight and inactive have more health problems that can eventually lead to cancer.

There are several symptoms that classify as early brain tumor symptoms that you need to be aware of in order to prevent a cancerous tumor from growing too large. If you have one or more of the following symptoms that are persistent and will not go away make sure to talk to you doctor as soon as possible. Early brain tumor symptoms can include headaches, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, seizures, speech impairment, changes in mood, loss of feeling or movement in a leg or arm, anxiety, depression and problems with memory. Although a person with these symptoms may in fact have something other than brain cancer, it is important to discuss all of the symptoms with your doctor as soon as possible.

Primary brain tumors are more common in children than in adults. So if you notice any of these symptoms in your child make sure to see their pediatrician immediately. For the best possible prognosis you need to catch brain cancer at its beginning stages. For adults, make sure to have a physical exam performed regularly and discuss any new or unusual symptoms with your doctor. Preventing brain cancer can actually start with preventing other forms of cancer, so do your best to stay healthy and active to prevent any form of cancer from invading your body.

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  1. Abel says:

    If the tumor has come from your parents you cannot help it, but if its not you can. Avoid habits like smoking, alcohols. Eat healthy foods which provides nutrients to your brain. There are exercises specially for brain’s follow them regularly. If you feel any of the things like regular headache, visibility problem, hearing problem, nausea, vomiting, do get it checked from the doctor.

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