Bone growth supplements

Healthy bone growth is crucial to the proper development of the human body and this is the reason why bone growth supplements can play an important role during an individual’s growth and development stage.

These bone growth supplements are meant to aid our bodies in building and strengthening our skeleton. Because of this, they are usually made up of various vitamins and minerals that our body may not be getting enough of from our diet. Our bones are made up of a mixture of a couple of minerals like magnesium, phosphorus and calcium as well as some other ones.

By far the most well known of the supplements we need for our bones is calcium. The human body needs calcium to maintain our bones strong so that they can support our entire mass.

Normally, our body gets all the required calcium from what we eat. The most calcium rich products are dairy products like milk, cheese and butter, but there are also a few fruits and vegetables that contain calcium, such as apricots and broccoli.

The important thing to remember about calcium is the fact that even if you take care to constantly intake calcium-rich products your body will not absorb it properly if there isn’t enough vitamin D in your system. Vitamin D is required by the body in order to absorb calcium and if there is a vitamin D deficiency your body will not absorb as much calcium as you think it should.

Vitamin D is responsible for maintaining the required levels of calcium and phosphorus in our bodies and this makes it a crucial player in the strength and density of our bones. Vitamin D is produced by our skin when it is exposed to sunlight, ideally during spring and autumn because those are the seasons where sunlight doesn’t reach any extremes.

There is research that shows that vitamin D has a much bigger impact than just in regards to calcium absorption. It has also been linked to many other metabolic processes, the immune system and the cardiovascular system. This only makes vitamin D that much more important for growing children. Since the production of vitamin D via exposure to sunlight is very limited because of the geographical location, time of year and other lifestyle factors, taking vitamin D as part of a bone growth supplements regiment is a great idea that will not only positively affect one’s bone strength, but also one’s overall health and development.

Returning to calcium for a bit, it is important to note that just as growing children require vitamin D for their bodies to develop properly they also need more calcium than the average adult. This is due to the fact that children undergo very rapid bone growth and this means that in order for them to avoid developing diseases like rickets they need a healthy dose of calcium in their diet.

An individual’s calcium requirement will vary greatly over the span of his or her life. For instance when the individual is a child the calcium requirement will be the highest of his life while during adulthood the requirement will be considerably less. On the other hand, pregnant women need an increased amount of calcium in their diet in order to assure that the baby’s bone structure is sound.

Problems can appear when it comes to a constant intake of calcium-rich products; maybe a person is lactose intolerant and can’t properly digest dairy products, or maybe there are some other issues in regards to location, time of year or they can’t get enough of it from their diet. If that is the case calcium supplements should be taken in addition to a calcium-rich diet in order to make sure that you are getting as much calcium as your body needs in order for it to grow, develop and properly maintain itself.


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