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Bodybuilding is very popular in the United States and probably owes a majority of its expansion to its early competitors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. What was once a sport dedicated to proportionality has become one where massive size and strength are the benchmarks for perfection. Although you can grow large amounts of muscle by simply eating right, getting plenty of rest, and lifting heavy weights, there are also several bodybuilding supplements that can explode your growth. Since bodybuilding is a very competitive sport, it helps to have as much of an edge as you can get, and bodybuilding supplements definitely help give you one. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the most popular and most effective bodybuilding supplements as well as why they work and how you can find them.

The first type of bodybuilding supplement is a whey protein powder, which is by far the most popular type of supplement sold today. Whey protein works to provide instant and good quality protein to your muscles after a workout so that they don’t start catabolizing themselves. After a workout, your muscles are literally starving and need instant doses of protein. Whey protein is the most effective way to get it and should be used no later than 30 minutes post-workout. You can also find other forms of protein, namely soy and casein, both of which work in different ways. Casein is a protein that is digested more slowly and is most often used overnight to provide the body with a steady stream of protein while you sleep. The best time to use protein supplements is after each workout and between meals as a meal supplement.

Nitrous Oxide supplements are also very popular, especially lately with the success of NO-XPLODE, which is the best of the best. NO supplements help to deliver blood to your muscles during a workout so that you can deliver as much energy to them as possible, which in turn helps you lift more weight more often. NO supplements also include creatine, which works to fill the muscles with water so that they stay hydrated. NO and creatine supplements are probably the 2nd most popular bodybuilding supplements and definitely work wonders. You can generally notice the effects of these products within minutes and you’ll see the results over the course of a few weeks. There are actually several different kinds of creatine on the market, but regardless of which type you try the best form to buy it in is powder. Pills and other gimmick products do not work nearly as well.

Another great bodybuilding supplement is a multi-vitamin. Multi-vitamins are important for people doing heavy lifting and stressing their bodies on a daily basis. The average diet contains enough vitamins and minerals, but when you strain your muscles and overload them on a daily basis, the regular diet might not be enough. Some other useful supplements are branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s), which are the building blocks for protein. Each of them serves a specific purpose, but using them in combination with a protein supplement and multi-vitamin will help you get the gains you are looking for.

Lastly, you could try a testosterone booster, although they are expensive and generally don’t work as well as the claims state. There are some that do the job, but not nearly as well as the rest of the supplements listed here. The best way to gain muscle is get plenty of rest, eat right, and use a whey protein and creatine combination. If you do that, you’ll find that you will have massive amounts of muscle in no time.

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