Biotin for hair growth

Every hair care product available on the market has a few promises printed on their bottles or shown on adverts. They include statements such as growing stronger and healthier hair, making hair shinier or even increasing overall hair growth. However, many of them do not feature scientific evidence to support their claims. But there is one prominent element in the hair care industry, and that is biotin. The newest gossips reveal that a few individuals have had success in using biotin for the health of their hair, and many companies are also supporting biotin as a way to reduce hair fall and increase overall growth. But is biotin really the most effective solution to hair loss?

Biotin is a vitamin belonging to the B group, and is sometimes known as the “Hair Growth Vitamin”. This particular vitamin is very important in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, as it is concerned with the transfer of carbon dioxide. Biotin is a very common vitamin and is a component of most foods such as dairy products, meats and a number of vegetables. Therefore, it is very difficult to suffer from a deficiency of this vitamin. The biotin produced by the body is needed by different processes, such as the generation of strength used by the muscles as well as the creation of different cells. These also include hair and skin cells.

Hair loss is not a disease. It may simply be a side-effect of another disease, such as biotin deficiency. An individual suffering from biotin deficiency can look to add more biotin to their diet as a way to decrease hair fall. Biotin intake can be increased by eating more of the foods that contain biotin or turning to biotin supplements that can provide the extra biotin that is craved by the body. But because of the great availability of biotin, it is almost impossible to not have enough of it. Certain situations do however place an individual in such a position that he/she may not be able to obtain normal amounts of biotin. For instance, a patient in a hospital may not be eating properly, in which case, doctors will normally prescribe supplements to cover the loss. Other side-effects of biotin deficiency include having brittle finger nails, skin dryness, depression and even suffering from persistent fatigue.

It is best to do some research regarding biotin before going out and buying it yourself. There is plenty of information regarding biotin on the internet such as product descriptions as well as user reviews. It will also contain sufficient details regarding whether biotin is actually effective at treating hair loss and whether there are any side-effects incorporating this vitamin. It is also better to contact a doctor before adding extra biotin to your diet.

Though biotin is strongly supported by many individuals as a good source to keep hair healthy, professionals still find it hard to believe whether biotin has any effect on healthy people and are not with the idea of increasing biotin intake to fight hair fall. They have put biotin under numerous tests to see how effective it really is at treating hair loss and the results are unsupportive. Though they are generally safe, biotin supplements should only be taken when there is a deficiency in the body such as during pregnancy. In other cases, it is quite improbable that it will have any effect on the health or the growth of a person’s hair. It is better not to waste money on something that will not help.

The best way to keep hair healthy is to take good care of it, and this does not mean using the correct shampoos and conditioners. The state of a person’s hair depends on their diets. Eating the right foods that contain the correct nutrients required by the body is imperative. In the case of hair care, having plenty of proteins is a good way to keep hair revitalized. An individual suffering from hair loss should contact a doctor immediately and get their blood tested. This will normally reveal the cause of the hair fall, such as hypothyroidism or other diseases that may feature hair loss as a direct or indirect effect. Based on the results of the tests, the doctor will be able to provide a useful cure for the patient that will be able to restore the original health of their hair.

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