If you are in the body building world, then you may have heard about betagen. This supplement has been designed to help you build muscle mass while at the same time reducing your fatty deposits. Since it has been designed to help you accomplish this, then you should realize that it does this by stimulating your hormones. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is a bad thing because unlike steroids betagen does not appear to have any of the dangerous effects that are often seen when people use steroids. It is comprised of three main ingredients, including L-glutamine, HMB, and creatine monohydrate.

In order to fully understand how these three compounds can help you to gain muscle, then it is important to know how they will interact with your body. First of all, glutamine is a fancy name for a very common amino acid that is found in your muscles naturally. In fact, more than half of all of your base skeletal muscle is comprised of glutamine. HMB stands for hydroxyl methyl butyrate, and although it is naturally produced by your body it usually appears in very small amounts. It is also found in some foods, but by concentrating it in the betagen formula that it has been designed to be even more effective. Finally, creatine is something that you have probably heard a lot about. This is because it is a naturally occurring nutrient that provides you with an abundance of energy, and it is often used for body building supplements.

Even though these are the main ingredients listed, there are quite a few different ingredients that combine in betagen to help you achieve this dramatic increase in muscle besides the artificial hormones. It is important to note that all natural ingredients like milk thistle, chlorophyll, grape seed, Mexican wild yam, and shark cartilage. These are natural compounds that have been proven to help your body build muscle and burn fat, and that is why they have been included in the betagen mixture.

One reason why people like taking betagen is that it produces quick results by improving your overall muscle strength. If you are someone who is an athlete looking to increase your performance level while at the same time giving you that lean body shape, then this is the supplement that can help you to do this is a record time. It has been shown that this is a supplement that is especially helpful for beginners as it starts to work in record time to burn off that unwanted fat and replace it with muscle mass. This means that if you have more fat to start with, then you are likely to see greater results; however, if you have already done some body building don’t get discouraged, you will likely see an improvement soon.

However, even though betagen is relatively safe, it is possible for some people who might have pre-existing problems with their kidneys or their liver to experience problems. So, if you fall into this category you will probably not want to take this supplement. The reason that there appears to be some bad side effects is that the product has been known to increase the metabolism to a point where the kidneys and liver have to work harder, and this causes them undue stress. On top of this, taking this dietary supplement can cause you to drink extra water, and the protein that is found in creatine can be hard for the kidneys to process, so when you add extra water into that mix you can have some side effects if you are not careful. These are probably not going to be serious for someone who is in top health, but, if you already have an existing health problem then betagen can make it worse, and that is not something that you want to leave to chance.

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  1. Charlie says:

    Just wanted to add that liver problems could happen, they did to my friend. But they are VERY rare. Great post man, I’m sending it off to some friends now!


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