L-arginine supplements

In general terms, your body is a very efficient mechanism. For the most part, it knows how to create the elements it needs in order to keep you functioning. The heart knows how to beat and spread blood and oxygen around your body, your organs know how to use this blood and oxygen to stay alive, and your body knows how to utilize all the vitamins and nutrients you eat. Sometimes, however, additional nutrients are needed as supplements to keep your body in balance and running in peak condition. Sometimes your body doesn’t need extra nutrients it needs extra amino acids, specifically, your body needs L-arginine.

Amino acids are the basis for proteins. Together, these molecules come together and form chains that you would recognize as protein. There are twenty amino acids in all, and arginine is one of them. L-arginine is what is known as a “non-essential” amino acid. That means your body makes it on its own and there is generally no need for anyone to take a supplement that supplies it. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and that is why you may find L-arginine supplements on the shelves of your local vitamin shop. So, what does this mysterious amino acid do? As you will see, it can affect your body in many different ways.

Benefits of L-arginine
One of the most important uses for L-arginine is that it gets rid of ammonia in our systems. Believe it or not, when your body begins to break down proteins for energy, nitrogen is stripped from the amino acid chain and is sent to your kidneys for processing. At that point, it breaks down into a form of Ammonia and L-arginine becomes necessary in order to carry the ammonia out of the body. If you have kidney problems or are on a low carbohydrate diet, you may find that you need additional L-arginine to help your kidneys get rid of the ammonia.

Another thing that L-arginine is good for is relaxing blood vessels. In your body, L-arginine can be turned into nitric oxide which is a substance that helps create relaxed blood vessels. With relaxed blood vessels, you could experience lower blood pressure, increase blood flow, fewer complications from atherosclerosis and less erectile dysfunction. It has also been shown to speed up the process of wound healing and help migraine sufferers.

Sources of L-arginine
There are many food sources you can use to get more L-arginine naturally. It is present in dairy products, wild game, poultry, some seafood, seeds, chick peas and soybeans. If you are unable or unwilling to eat the foods that L-arginine is in, you can always get a supplement over the counter. When taking a L-arginine supplement, please remember that it is impossible to know how much L-arginine is actually in the supplement or whether or not it is enough to make a big enough difference in your health.

L-arginine supplements and food containing high amounts of L-arginine are not meant to serve as substitutes for the medical and preventative treatments your primary care physician arranges for you. It is important to remember that your primary care physician is most often your best and safest defense against erectile dysfunction, ammonia expelling issues and heart disease. If you want to add L-arginine as a part of your routine, discuss that decision with your physician first since he or she will know whether or not it could have an adverse reaction with other medications you take.

L-arginine is not a miracle cure for heart disease or other disorders, but it is possible that supplements containing L-arginine could help to reduce the effects and symptoms of certain disorders.

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