Andropause supplements

Most men have never heard of andropause, yet it is something that will affect all men at some point in their lives. It is, more or less, the male version of menopause, although it does not affect a man’s life anywhere near as much as menopause affects a woman. As men age, however, their bodies do stop producing as much testosterone. They also stop producing as much human growth hormone and other types of hormones. This generally starts around age 30, and as these hormone levels drop, men may find themselves depressed and upset about the changes that are going on. Many may also be confused since they don’t realize that their bodies are going to undergo this change.

There are a number of different symptoms of andropause that men should watch out for. The first is irritability. Men going through andropause may become very easily upset, and they may withdrawal from the world around them, limiting their contact with friends and becoming disinterested in hobbies. They may also notice a decrease in their sex drive or even start to experience erectile dysfunction. It’s important to note that men are still capable of fathering children during and after andropause. However, because testosterone levels are lower, it can be more difficult to conceive.

Some men also start to gain weight or find that they start to lose muscle tone. Many men find that their bellies and waists are suddenly larger than before, and this can be very depressing to those who are used to being fit and trim. This and other changes may bring about depression. Men might also experience difficulty sleeping.

Men often have difficulty admitting that they are going through a depressing time or that they are having difficulties with something. Erectile dysfunction, especially, is not something men want to discuss. Because of this and because andropause is not as well-known as menopause, many men do not seek medical attention. However, since andropause is a natural process that all men go through, medical attention is rarely necessary. Men who have severe symptoms may want to talk to their doctor. Other men may want to turn to andropause supplements.

There are a number of different supplements out there that can help men during andropause. For those who still want to have children following andropause, certain hormone treatments may be useful. For example, many men take supplements that increase their body’s production of human growth hormone. This supplement helps to rejuvenate their bodies and provides them with more energy and a better sex drive. In fact, some men take this andropause supplement even if they aren’t looking to have a child because of the extra energy it provides. In addition to the energy, the hormone also helps to lessen many of the other symptoms of andropause, including the depression, irritability, and sudden mood changes. Following a healthy diet and exercising regularly in addition to taking human growth hormone can nearly eliminate some of the symptoms.

There are a number of other supplements that men can take as well. Some of them are herbal supplements like maca extract. This root grows in the Andean Mountains in Peru, where natives have used it for years as a supplement for more energy and increased stamina. Omega 3 fish oil is another good andropause supplement. It is helpful in combating the depressing feeling and mood changes that men often deal with during andropause. Omega 3 fish oil also benefits your heart and other organs. Finally, there are a number of different teas, such as green tea and yogi tea, which can provide many benefits to men going through andropause as well.

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  1. kirstie clark says:

    I have tried prescription meds and the some of the stuff they sell on the internet. the pills the dr. gave me work but now I can’t take them cause they found something with my heart. the only other thing that works is Virection, and no problem taking it with my heart.

  2. Manuel Unavailable says:

    CJ agree on everything. SD is not for beginners, halodrol 75mg for 6 weeks, also fish oil, milk thistle, RYR and maybe taurine if needed. Lots of missing pieces.

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