Affordable vision insurance plans

When the subject of health insurance plans comes up most people cringe. A lot of people can not afford health insurance plans so they think they can not afford a vision plan either. With the high cost of health care you may be shocked to find out that you can easily find an affordable vision plan. An estimated 6 out of 10 Americans do not have health insurance and 7 out of 10 Americans do not have vision insurance. Not having a good vision plan is unacceptable since you can easily find an affordable one. Your eye health if very important and you need to maintain your eyesight by getting proper vision care, no matter what age you are.

An affordable vision plan is usually considered a supplement to health insurance. Some employers will allow you access to this type of insurance. There are all different kinds of affordable vision plans available. You can purchase your own vision plan if your employer does not offer it. Many discount vision plans offer discounted membership premiums. These vision plans usually have a small deductible of $25 to $35, depending on the plan that you choose. The deductible has to be paid before benefits are received. The cost of eye care, especially if you are having problems with your eyes can be very expensive. An affordable vision plan will save you hundreds of dollars.

Having your eyes examined once a year can help ensure your eye health and eye sight. Unfortunately, while people pay more attention to their overall physical health, people may put off getting eye exams because they think that it will be too expensive or they think that there are no affordable vision plans to sign up with. The truth is that you can find an affordable vision plan for as little as $15 a month that will help cover the expense of eye exams and the cost of glasses. Any vision plan that you purchase will end up costing you less for the necessary eye care that you may need than if you had no insurance at all. There are multiple eye care chains across the United States that accept vision plans. The most popular ones are Walmart Vision Center, Pearle Vision, Lenscrafters, America’s Best, Empire Vision, Sears Optical, JCPenney Optical and Costco Optical. There are myriads of private vision care doctors to choose from that will accept your affordable vision plan too.

The average cost for a regular eye exam is between $40 and $95. Before you make an appointment for your eye exam make sure the facility you choose will accept your vision plan. An affordable vision plan will also pay a major part of the cost of eye frames and lenses. Most vision plans limit eye exams to once per year and will offer lenses and frame coverage every two years. A new pair of glasses, plus the cost of your eye exam can easily cost an average of $500 without a vision plan.

Some of the most affordable vision plan providers are Spectera, VSP, EyeMed, Davis Vision, and AlwaysCare. It is important to have quality vision care no matter your age. Almost 80% of all Americans will need some form of vision care. 90% of all employees who work with computers experience vision problems. Computers are used by almost everyone in the United States. Anyone who uses one more than 3 hours a day usually experiences eye problems. This makes it even more important to get an affordable vision plan if you use a computer on a regular basis. Also, an estimated 70% of all children who have learning problems can be attributed to vision problems and will need to get proper eye care to help improve their vision. Your eyes are extremely critical to everyday life. You can not afford to allow their functionality to be hampered by poor eyesight due to poor vision care. Purchasing an affordable vision plan is a sensible and practical solution for essential eye care.

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