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ADHD is a chronic childhood disorder that often persists into adulthood. This condition affects millions of children and adults worldwide. It can affect the individual’s self esteem and cause trouble in relationships as well as poor scholastic or job performance. The inability to concentrate and maintain attention while performing tasks as well as hyperactive behavior and impulsive actions are common symptoms. There are no known cures for this disorder. Typical standard treatment options include prescribed medications and psychological counseling. Many parents find the prescription medication to have objectionable side effects that can produce problems of their own.

If you are a parent with a child who has been recently diagnosed with ADHD you will find dealing with the symptoms of this condition quite challenging. The treatment options you choose will make a big difference on the relationship and family life you enjoy with your child. Most parents are worried about the side effects that are common to the medications that are prescribed nowadays for children who have ADHD. It is comforting to know that there are all natural ADHD supplements that can be given as an alternative and viable treatment option. ADHD supplements can help successfully manage the symptoms and behavior of children and adults who have this disorder. You should discuss these supplements with your doctor to determine if this is a viable treatment option for you or your child. Adding these supplements should always be discussed when the individual is already on medications for ADHD.

The proper use of ADHD supplements can also be used in conjuntion with other alternative treatments such as biodfeedback, sensory integration, behavioral therapy as well as certain dietary changes. Using the correct ADHD supplements in the form of vitamins and minerals can bring about positive improvements for this disorder.

Changes in diet and vitamins for use as ADHD supplements will help to supply the essential nutrients needed for optimum brain functioning in children and adults. Vitamin supplements are needed in conjunction with dietary changes as the food that is grown today is normally depleted of natural vitamins and minerals essential for healty brain functioning. Because of farming techniques now being used supplementation has become a critical necessity for many. A diet higher in fruits and vegetables and lower in prepackaged or processed fast foods is advisable. A good nutritionist can help design a good diet for anyone who has ADHD.

ADHD supplements in the form of vitamins and minerals should be introduced into the daily regime. Make sure to include vitamin B6 in particular. B6 is beneficial for brain functioning and development. A child who is deficient in vitamin B6 can exhibit hyperactive behavior. Clinical research has documented this fact. A good formula for ADHD supplements should include all of the B vitamins. B-12 has been especially proven to be beneficial in improving one’s ability to pay attention and focus on the task or matter at hand. Certain minerals can also help relieve the symptoms of ADHD. A deficiency in the mineral magnesium has been noted in individuals who have ADHD. The minerals magnesium and calcium have the ability to act as a nerve and muscle relaxant and helps children to sleep better and be more relaxed. Supplementing with Zinc is also advised. A study done in 1996 revealed that children with ADHD are deficient in zinc. Zinc is a mineral that helps memory and clarity in thinking. In fact, according to some studies, supplementing with zinc has also shown to bring about an improvement in IQ.

Herbs are also good supplements to give your child who has ADHD also. Such ones as Ginseng, Ginko Biloba, Valerian Root, Kava Kava, and St. John’s Wort have shown effectiveness in treating ADHD. Again, you should discuss the implementation of ADHD supplements with your child’s doctor. Most allopathic medical doctors do not agree that these supplements are beneficial to treat ADHD, so you may need to seek the advice of an alternative medical doctor on this subject.

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